iPhone SE: The cheapest Apple iPhone is always half supergama 4 inches

iPhone SE

Apple just introduced a new iPhone at its March event and thus surprised by the time it has done. The new iPhone has a big date in September, but the iPhone has been an exception that can be consolidated as a second line of smartphones from the company.

The iPhone is presented as a phone with current price components but smaller than the iPhone 6 and 6S. Will go on sale from $ 399, most affordable has never been an iPhone. We can therefore talk about a range of entry into iOS also aims to collect users of other operating systems to which the four inches diagonally them seem ideal.

iPhone SE
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Current and goodbye to plastic components

With the exception of the iPhone 5C and color covers, Apple has characterized its second line of smartphones by previous generation models to which reduced its price. The “sale” was not relevant except for two cycles smartphones old.

Until today, the cheaper iPhone model that could buy directly from Apple was the iPhone 5s with internal memory of 16 GB. We are talking about an iPhone presented in September 2013, almost two and a half years ago. The new iPhone will collect your price range but by changing both its design and hardware, will no longer be of previous generations.

Inside the iPhone SE compose the A9 processor (2×2 GHz and 64 bits) and the M9 co-processor for quantification issues. With this combination is theoretically ensure complete fluidity of iOS on the iPhone, current functions like Live Photos, plus the ability to use Siri at any time with voice activation.

Another key element of the internal iPhone is the NFC chip, which is not lacking in the average range input and even operating systems like Android, and Apple now does include in its catalog cheaper your terminal. The why is very clear: to use an iPhone is not impediment to jump to the direct payment with Apple Pay.

The other major hardware elements are those found in the current iPhone 6s: LTE, Bluetooth 4.2 and WiFi ac. As to the internal memory, the base model will provide the controversial 16 GB and can opt for a superior version with 64 GB, again, price and without the possibility to use microSD cards to expand that base capacity, we believe it will be the choice majority between versions of the new iPhone SE.

The big difference at the physical level of the previous iPhone iPhone 5C with whom he shares idea is in the materials. If the iPhone 5C was chosen by a plastic housing to provide a range of striking colors as part of its appeal, the new iPhone will not downgrade the finish and use of better materials.

The design of the iPhone is essentially the iPhone 5s, the latest Apple terminal 4 inches, with a housing of a single metal part, but picking certain details that evolved that line design with the arrival of iPhone 6. The most characteristic beveled edge has softened to improve grip, while its finish is the same as the rest of the body anodized iPhone SE.

The whole diagonal, thickness and weight (7.6 mm and 113 grams), aims to be very comfortable in hand and perfectly manageable with one, being able to identify with TouchID and then slide the notifications panel without excessive movements of our hand.

A 4-inch screen: Apple remains “single”

Along with the price, screen size that Apple has chosen for your iPhone is the hallmark of the new terminal. While all ranges up its unstoppable diagonal, Apple is out of the trend and compete in the segment of the middle supergama with a bet on a diagonal and barely contained alternatives on the market.

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The iPhone takes an IPS panel 4 inches with a resolution of 1136 x 640 pixels, leaving a density of 326 ppi. The quality of the panel is assured given the history of Apple with screens of their computers, but for the range that aims to compete, that resolution seems to us below what today we should see even in a terminal with diagonal so reduced.

Something that cannot be found on this screen is 3D iPhone Touch technology, and points to one of the reasons for a lower price compared to the high end of the company. There is therefore no possibility of actions with different force pressing on the screen, one of the star features of the latest iPhone.

Regarding the camera, the main stays at 12 megapixels (F2.2) with improvements of his older brothers as Focus Pixels and recording 4K video. Also includes current iPhone the ability to use the screen as a flash for selfies, for which we have a 1.2 MP sensor.

As for the battery, there are still no official figures but data usage hours would be higher than the iPhone 5s.

Price and availability of the new iPhone SE

The new iPhone is set to hit the market next March 31 in the main markets. It will do so with a price of $ 399 for the 16GB model and 499$ for the 64GB. Available colors follow the line of current models 6s, and will be the space gray, silver, gold and rose gold.

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