Hearing aids that stimulate the inner ear, Samsung wants us to feel the virtual reality

Samasung VR

In the festival SXSW 2016 in Austin, Texas, which in recent years has served as a platform for various startups and companies show advances of all kinds of devices and developments? Samsung is one of the companies present at this festival, who has taken the opportunity to show three new pilot projects arising from Creative Lab Projects (C-Lab), its now famous think tank.

Samasung VR
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This time, the C-Lab of Samsung is presenting two applications for smartphones more headphones, these being an interesting solution and add to virtual reality, as they are equipped with technology that allows an additional degree of immersion the user.

Samsung Entrim 4D, virtual reality also feels

Hearing aids Entrim 4D Samsung are the most attractive C-Lab project, as these hearing aids are able to “trick” the party responsible for regulating the balance and movement inside the ear, which in sync with the images projected by the virtual reality helmet, allow the feeling not only through sight, but also bear in mind in the body.

Through electrodes, a series of algorithms and galvanic vestibular stimulation (GVS), electrical signals to an inner rib are made ​​in our ears, so we feel part of the action we are seeing on the screen, such as direction and speed, as if we were mounted in a 4D chair, but from our couch or favorite chair.

Professionals involved in the development of hardware, software engineers and biomedical engineering experts, who have already experienced in more than 1,500 users, being able to develop 30 different movement patterns. This team also is already working on a version that uses additional electrodes to create feelings of rotational movements.

One of the objectives of these hearing aids is to eliminate dizziness and nausea caused by the glasses, because now our body can feel part of what you are seeing, something that was missing from the virtual reality, where Samsung continues to invest time and efforts, as we saw in the past Unpacked in MWC and its project rollercoasters next to Six Flags.

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Hum On!, an app to write music with audio

Another project of C-Lab is a mobile application dubbed Hum On!, which detects music and melodies to turn the min to scores, which even works with tunes hummed by the user; these scores we can add them arrangements and styles, later to share our creation with everyone.

Waffle, share content visually

The last of the three projects presented by Samsung is Waffle, another mobile application focused on content sharing is based on an interface of several paintings, hence the name, here we see from pictures, videos, even small audio clips, where its value lies is that it is a kind of collaborative feed where anyone can participate by adding content and creating a story.

These projects are only in an early stage of development, where nothing guarantees that are available to the general public, however, are an interesting way to learn about the ideas that might get in the future.

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