WatchOS 3: Watch the new Apple that claim make it more useful

WatchOS 3

Apple has begun its review of the operating systems of its consumer equipment with which most certainly needed updating: its watch.

No new hardware on the horizon, watchOS 3 assumes an improvement in performance and small details that make it more useful applications and services that are in the hands of Apple. But little else.

The great promise of rapid application

Speaking of third – party applications and even Apple’s own in todays Apple Watch is referring to slow in releasing them and they are updated. No wonder that Apple has been what has opened the round of news for watchOS 3. According to Apple, applications are now open immediately, gaining entry in much use if they do eventually.

WatchOS 3
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Along with this improvement, something that from the first generation introduced many had asked: give something useful to the button that is now used for Contacts. From watchOS 3 that button will be a kind of Home where you can have quick access to the applications they use.

More “expensive” for the sphere

Clock areas have some news in the form of colorful and options when displaying information, especially from the module exercise, which introduces a unique and very visual sphere. The appearance of the spheres may be changed more directly, simply by sliding a finger on the principal.

The funny (or absurd for others) touch has been received applause that Minnie is now an option and you can even change the color of the dress.

Better communication

In terms of messaging, the biggest news is called Scribble, which allows writing about the characters watch a short answer mode or first message, which recognizes the clock text.

Another added option is the call to Emergencies, both in the US and Europe. Accessed by pressing the clock button along with a new option for that call.

A level of aid have application reminders, Find my Friends or configurations more direct timers preset times so that with simple gestures without touching the crown we can start with them.

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Competition Activity

One of the most used functions on the Apple Watch is the activity. But compared to other solutions, the data had no route that our record. With Apple has introduced watchOS 3 Activity Sharing, which is nothing other than the possibility of sharing our progress and interact with contacts to, competitive or just socially, encourage each other.

More APIs, more access to our data

Apple has also announced that there will be new APIs in watchOS 3. The goal is to provide developers with better applications and wider access to functions so far reduced as payments with Apple Pay or health data such as heart rate.

Availability of watchOS 3

The developer version can be installed from today, but will not be finalized until the end of the year. Who knows if premiering a new Apple Watch?

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