Plume is the plug-in access point you want to solve the problems of WiFi coverage


Broadband connections are already a reality in our homes, but the routers that operators offer are not usually that greater coverage and signal quality offer. The problems when using WiFi networks in homes passed by installing access points, and although here has been interesting proposals a new development still promises better yields in those cases.

Plume is a system of “Pods” small wireless access points that plug to extend the coverage, signal quality, and make “smart” way: analyze the functioning of the WiFi network at all times for those who they enjoy it to do so optimally.

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Very proactive access points

The “Pods” from Plume make use of the so-called “Adaptive WiFi”, which according to its leaders is “a complete and highly distributed wireless solution for home WiFi dynamically responds to different conditions “.

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That means that if such a device needs greater discharge capacity SmartTV – your data in a 4K issue, for example these small access points will be responsible for distributing priorities. They also make WiFi networks are auto configure in different channels to take advantage of those with less interference, and actually make use of various channels for each hop between node and node (pod and pod) to maximize transfer speed.

Plume is sold in packages of “Pods” that at least have to hold 6 -recommended for a house with 2-3 bedrooms, ensure- of these small WiFi hotspots. The cost in advance booking (for now only in the United States) is $ 39 per Pod, a rebate of $ 10 with respect to the final price. It will be interesting to see if this concept curdles against the advanced routers that increasingly seem to reap more success among users.

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