Sony WH-XB700, headphones with NFC and long-lasting Bluetooth

Sony WH-XB700

Since the first era Sony has excelled in the audio segment through the latest quality standards, although in recent times it has decided to complete the excellent sound experience on its devices with the latest advances in terms of connectivity. This is how you get headphones that are worth your analysis in detail, such is the example of Sony WH-XB700.

Sony WH-XB700 are mid-range wireless headphones that, without raising their price too much in stores, offer everything the user may require. From factory integrated NFC and Bluetooth connectivity, through a long battery life of up to 30 hours, and reaching a support for cable use, it is consolidated as one of the most complete models to find in stores.

Sony WH-XB700 Features

Sony WH-XB700

Weight 180 grams
Colors Black, blue
Connectivity Bluetooth 4.2, NFC
Frequency response 5-20000Hz
Bluetooth Profiles Supported A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, HSP
Obstruction 37 ohm
Sensitivity 103 dB
Noise Cancellation Do not
Compatibility Android, iOS
Wireless range 10 meters
Use style Diadem
Cable 1.2 meter cable with 3.5 mm connection included
Drums Lithium Ion
Autonomy Up to 30 hours
Loading time 4 hours
Carrying case Do not
Microphone Yes, omnidirectional
Box contents Wireless headphones, 1 x 3.5mm cable, 1 x micro USB cable for recharging, 1 x user manual
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Design with traditional style

Sony WH-XB700

There are many coincidences in the design chosen for this model in relation to other creations of the Japanese firm that we have previously analyzed, mainly for its helmet format with a black or dark blue color that extends throughout its structure. Its total weight is 190 grams.

Obviously you can expect a good quality in the materials chosen for the manufacture of this model, while the comfort of use promises a lasting listening without feeling physical discomfort on the head or ears. One of the reasons to achieve this is in the presence of soft padded pads that give greater softness to prolonged contact.

Finally, there is a good freedom of movement in the Sony WHXB700 so that it does not take up too much space when it comes to keeping them in your bag or backpack when you take them away from home, while controlling your actions includes small physical buttons on one of its sides from where to change the volume, change the track and pause playback.

Advanced sound and integrated microphone

Sony WH-XB700

Turning to the technical field, it is mentioned that the Sony WHXB700 optimize all low frequencies to offer exceptional bass and maintain vocal clarity, something that the brand calls in its catalog of headphones and speakers as “EXTRA BASS”.

With a headphone frequency of 5 – 22000 Hz, sensitivity levels of 103 dB and obstruction of 37 ohms, it is mentioned that each user can customize the sound to their own taste and according to the type of content that is played. All thanks to the synchronization with the Sony Headphones Connect mobile application, it is feasible to organize the bass levels and access presets to recreate the sound of environments such as a club, a concert hall, a stadium or the outdoors.

Finally, Sony does not forget to incorporate a microphone for hands-free functions, so you do not have to take off your headphones or take your phone out of your pocket if you receive a call. Pressing the multi-function button on the left earphone instantly activates the microphone.

As if all this were not enough, it is possible to synchronize this device with the voice assistant of the mobile , so that you can perform commands and consult all kinds of information, contact friends, receive notifications, listen to music, create reminders and much more.

Double connection type and long battery

Sony WH-XB700

All the freedom of a wireless device is present in the Sony WH-XB700 thanks to two standards widely used in the industry such as NFC and Bluetooth. In the first case, only one touch is needed between the mobile and the headphones to be synchronized, while in the second, compatibility with all types of current devices is increased in a distance range of 10 meters.

Regarding this capacity it is important that the battery accompanies the experience with a result at the height, and go if it is in this model. With a load of about four hours it is able to provide autonomy for more than one full day of music, more precisely about 30 hours of continuous playback time.

There is also a fast charging system for those moments where there is little battery but you do not want to use cables, and that after just 10 minutes of connection to the current gives an extension of 90 minutes of playing time. In the case of conventional use, a classic 3.5 mm jack is available and a 1.2 meter long cable is included with its sale.

In conclusion, there is much in common with the Sony WH-1000XM3 model, highlighting only in favor of the latter the presence of noise cancellation technology and an adaptive sound control system that modifies the sound according to the environment surrounding the user.

  • Excellent battery life
  • NFC and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Option of use via 3.5 mm cable
  • Good overall sound quality.
  • No noise cancellation
  • Unoriginal design compared to other models of the brand

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