10 gadgets that will help you be more organized

more organized

The organization is key to everything, both in work projects and in personal life it is necessary to have everything in order. Technology advances every year and with it brings us the fabulous gadgets, devices and technological accessories with specific functions, which have the objective of facilitating tasks and activities or providing valuable information. If you are looking to be more organized, this list of gadgets will help you.

1# Smart glasses Vuzix Blade

At first glance this gadget looks like sunglasses, however they are much more than that, from them you can observe all the information displayed on your smartphone, see all notifications and emails and explore the information just by placing your fingers on the right hand of the glasses. This gadget will help you to be more organized, see your emails and reminders without losing style. In addition, all its content is produced as a hologram and you can continue to observe everything that happens in your environment.

2# Acer Swift 7

It is a laptop that is characterized by being ultra-thin, with an Intel Core i7 processor and has 8 GB of RAM, which makes it very fast. It also has an internal memory of 256 GB, perfect for you to save all your important documents, photographs and install programs that work for your work activities. In addition to helping you to be more organized with your storage, you can get security because it has a fingerprint reader and smile, incredible?

3# HP Specter x360

Did you imagine a tablet and computer at the same time? This gadget is certainly surprising, due to its multiple functions such as tablet and computer, you can draw on videos or photographs, as well as its innovative flexibility and ease of use. You can take it with you anywhere and take notes, with a 4k touch screen and with 1 TB of perfect storage to store all your documents. It has long battery life up to 16 hours, fingerprint reader and screen with Corning Gorilla Glass.

4# Da Vinci Nano

It is the portable and more compact printer designed for domestic use, but if you want you can also take it to your meetings, it is easy to transport and has a two-year warranty provided by the manufacturer. Ideal to be more organized with the documents and everything you want to print.

5# Power Sleeve IconConnected

This is an innovative proposal from Apple, a case with two functions: protect your laptop and charge the battery. This case has a capacity of 14,000 mAh, a powerful force to charge your MacBook Pro and has three built-in USB ports and a cable to charge devices such as iPad and iPhone. With this gadget you will protect your computer and you will never run out of charge.

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6# Shoot the alarm clock

You could not miss the gadget to be more organized with your time. This is an innovative alarm that you must shoot with an infrared gun to turn off, with it you cannot postpone the alarm “five minutes more”. You have the option of five perfect shots in less than three minutes.

7# Geyser Projector Clock

It is a gadget that allows you to observe the time without opening holes in your wall. It also has three color filters and LED technology. Perfect to know the time and organize your time!

8# Apple watch S3

It is a smart watch with a powerful 8 GB processor and capable of monitoring the heart rate. It has reception of calls and connects with smartphone to access all the information. Additionally, it has alarm clock and GPS.

9# Boogie Board 8.5 LCD

With this gadget you can take notes of everything important without losing details, has a liquid crystal display and an optical pen, and also has a kit of magnets to place your notes on any surface.

10# Solar Charger 4 in 1 National Geographic

Do you travel often and cannot find plugs easily? This gadget is perfect to keep all your devices charged and organize your entire trip, you will not have to worry about the battery of your laptop or smartphone.

These gadgets will allow you to organize your time, always have a battery, take notes and have access to important documents. Buying a gadget can simplify your life; each year new proposals come with better functions and the most advanced technology.

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