Beoplay E6 Motion and E8 Motion: Immaculate white color reaches two of Bang & Olufsen’s best-known headphones

Bang Olufsens

Bang & Olufsen updates its catalog again with the launch of new revisions of two of its wireless headphones. Two iconic models such as the Beoplay E6 and Beoplay E8 that are now updated with a version that gives them the last name “Motion”.

We are used to seeing how the brand launches special editions of its headphones and in general of its products. As a rule, these are changes related to the design and as an example it is enough to mention the Late Night Blue or the E8 Powder Pink Special Edition. Now it’s time for two of his most popular headphones.

Beoplay E8 Motion

Bang Olufsens

One of the models that most times have gone through this page. The E8 now come in a white color, unheard of in this family of headphones. Both the case and the two units are manufactured in white.

The rest of benefits do not change with respect to the Beoplay E8 2.0that we all know. They integrate a dynamic 5.7 mm speaker, a small electromagnetic transducer, NFMI technology and have Bluetooth 4.2 with digital signal processor that allows a dynamic adjustment of sound and sound without interruption.

The charger case, also in white, allows charging wirelessly, offering up to a total of 16 extra hours of autonomy. It integrates LEDs on the front and back that indicate, on the one hand, the state of the load and the number of full loads they can offer. To connect the charging base case to the network we have a USB Type C port.

Beoplay E6 Motion

Bang Olufsens

The next to arrive are the Beoplay E6 Motion. An intraural model that uses two units connected with cable. In this sense, the E6 Motion boasts a new rubber cable resistant to splashing. As in the previous model, the novelty comes in the white finish, since they keep the rest of the specifications.

The Beoplay E6 Motion is resistant to moisture and sweat so that we can use them without problem for the moments when we practice a sport. The autonomy is formed by a battery that allows a continuous use of up to 5 hours of playback time with the particularity of having a system that allows charging while the headphones are in use.

These headphones improve usability by incorporating a quick charger and small magnets to join both headphones to prevent them from being lost. In addition, by joining them the Beoplay E6 will automatically turn off and thus avoid the consumption of unnecessary energy.

Price and availability

Both Beoplay E8 Motion and Beoplay E6 Motion will come in a limited edition that will be available on the website of the manufacturer from May 9 at a price of 300 dollars for the Beoplay E6 Motion and 350 dollars if we want the Beoplay E8 Motion.

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