The 10 best portable chargers for 2018: Perfect for smartphones, tablets and laptops

Today I will show you the 10 best power banks on the market for mobile and tablet. As always I will recommend the purchase on Amazon, the most reliable marketplace in the world.

Let’s face it, who does not want to improve the battery life of your smartphone or tablet? As long as manufacturers do not use more powerful batteries, we can solve the problem with a power bank: a portable charger.

Today I will show you the 20 best power banks on the market for mobile and tablet. As always I will recommend the purchase on Amazon, the most reliable marketplace in the world. But do not miss the ranking of the best Pen Drive 3.0!

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The power bank is nothing more than a portable external battery. It is compatible with virtually all smartphones and tablets, or any other device powered by a USB port such as cameras, MP3 players, Bluetooth accessories and so on.

Not enough, however, always carry a small external charger with you. First of all I suggest you to properly charge the battery of your mobile phone. It will seem strange, but there is a correct procedure and a wrong one. Which one did you use until today?

It really is an incredible convenience and for many it has become a must have one in your bag, pocket or backpack. If you forgot or did not have the possibility to charge your phone or tablet this small device will save your life at work, in the gym, during a trip out of town or at the bar with friends.

Moreover, it is certainly the best travel companion (and not only) that you could wish for along with a good external hard drive: together they are a winning combination!

Cell phones become faster and more performing every year, but with increasing power, the batteries are not always able to withstand all the activities of the device. In addition, of course, all the batteries degrade over time. When the life cycle of a mobile phone comes to an end, do not leave it in the drawer and do not throw it away.

If you need your phone, tablet or device with USB port to last for more hours, you need a power bank. In this article I selected the 20 best portable chargers currently available on Amazon.

10 Best Power Bank Of 2017

1) Zendure 2nd Gen A2 Ultra compact – 6700 mAh

It might seem strange to find a power bank that does not have a liquid crystal screen in the first place, does not support the new USB-C or Lightning standard, has no multiple outputs and does not have the Quick Charge 3.0 function. But nevertheless, I consider the Zendure A2 the best portable battery charger on the market.

It is compact, beautiful, and fast. It is super-resistant. Remove it from the packaging and it is ready to do its duty. It also has sufficient capacity to perform different refills. And it’s not a trivial matter. Last but not least, good value for money. A worthy winner of this ranking for the best power bank of 2017.

“Price slightly higher than the other chargers in this ranking. But the quality, even if the power is less than 10000 mAh, is undoubtedly excellent.”

The charge-through feature allows you to charge the external battery while it is charging your devices, a feature rarely seen in external batteries. The A2 automatically turns on when connected to a compatible device for charging, and then returns to standby when the charging is complete. The A2 can maintain up to 95% of its charge after six months without use.

2) Anker PowerCore Ultra Compact – 10000 mAh

Fast, portable, high capacity and convenient. This Anker PowerCore stands out for its small size and moderate weight in relation to the amperage. The shape is quite convex, but the grip is firm and does not risk falling from the hand.

The construction material is a solid and robust plastic. The only available USB port provides a maximum of 2.4A output, more than enough for a fairly fast charge, but it is not compatible with Qualcomm’s Quick Charge standard. The charging of the devices starts automatically, without necessarily having to press the Anker power button.

The supplied case is very nice even if the cable supplied is rather short. Overall it is a good product, simple to use, with a good performance and speed of charge and easy enough to carry. Worthy of mention is the excellent price / quality ratio (currently) thanks to a 43% discount!

3) TeckNet is portable external device – 10000 mAh

This TeckNet is not a particularly small battery, but it is really very thin, 10mm. The dimensions are comparable to those of a smartphone, so not exactly pocket friendly. It must be said that, however, its autonomy is worth a few inches more. It has 4 LEDs that indicate the energy status.

It features state-of-the-art BLUETEK technology that identifies and optimizes USB power compatibility of Apple, Samsung and many other devices to allow faster rates of up to 2.4A

It has two USB ports to simultaneously charge 2 devices. It is also equipped with an output for mini USB in order to recharge the battery itself (you can use the PC input). In the package, minimal style, we find the instruction manual and an USB / mini USB cable to recharge the battery or vice versa of those devices that support charging via mini USB. If you own an Apple product, know that a lightning cable is not included and you will have to buy it separately.

The battery charging cycle appears very fast to be a 10000 mAh. I’ve never been “dry” with energy, so it has a very good life and allows you to recharge the battery of an iPhone 6s several times (based on my experience).

4) Coolreall – 20000 mAh battery charger

In the TOP 5 of the best portable chargers of 2017 I could not fail to mention the 20000 mAh Coolreall. It has 3 USB ports to charge multiple devices simultaneously. The dimensions are not very small: 15.8 x 8 x 1.2 cm so the portability is a bit limited.

The cable is included in the package to charge both the powerbank and the connected devices. But we get to the strong point: the power of 20000 mAh. If we consider that almost all the smartphones currently in circulation have a power ranging from 1500 mAh to 3000 mAh, this powerbank will be able to charge a mobile phone even 8-9 times.

Excellent, therefore, for a long trip away from home, for those who work with a smartphone and spend the day around, for university students who do not come home before evening. The power of 20,000mAh, however, also involves two downsides: the size large enough that you cannot take it in the pocket of a jeans, and the time to fully charge the battery: even 20 hours.

The remaining charge is signaled by 4 small blue LEDs, visible during charging or by pressing the side button. Overall, from the aesthetic point of view, it looks very good and is made with good materials. Excellent value for money. Probably the best, for this power cut, you can currently find on Amazon.

5) Puridea S2 Ultra Compact – 10000 mAh

The external battery of the Puridea has an elegant design and a comfortable plastic coating, not slippery at all. It is equipped with dual input, both USB and Mini USB. The package also includes a Micro USB cable.

The thickness of only 13mm, so you can carry it comfortably in your pocket or bag. The base of the device is non-slip, so as to use the phone with the charger in hand.

The LED on the back is formed by four segments that flash during charging. The 10000 mAh of power allow you to charge a smartphone of last generation in less than an hour, conserving battery for two more recharges.

Even this power bank, when connecting a device, will automatically start charging, without having to press the ON / OFF button. For tablets, the speech is obviously different. It takes more time to recharge one, plus or minus 3 hours, but still enough battery for a full cell phone charge.

6) Zendure – 2nd Gen A3 – 10000 mAh

Made of crush-proof composite material, double-injection molding and a shock-absorbing central band make it one of the most durable yet stylish external batteries available.

In addition, it can maintain up to 95% charge after 6 months on stand-by. Excellent in an emergency.

7) Coolreall – 6000 mAh battery charger

This external battery is compatible with all Apple devices, Samsung and most other smartphones and tablets. It can charge an iPhone 6S or iPhone 6 twice, a Galaxy S6 about 2 times or an iPad Mini up to 90% of the battery. A small, big power bank!

8) Onite – 5600 mAh battery charger

With a capacity of 5600 mAh, it provides the phone with enough energy to keep it running for several hours.

Compact design, super portable, easy to hold in your hand or to store in your pocket or bag. It is designed to avoid overload and short circuit for high reliability.

9) AUKEY – Portable Battery – 5000 mAh

Elegant and ultra-compact portable charger. This cylindrical charger measures 9x3x3cm and weighs only 130 grams. Very convenient to use every day, but also to take to travel to never stay with the smartphone unloaded.

10) EC Technology – Portable Charger – 22400 mAh

Extraordinarily powerful. This 22400 mAh second generation power bank is really efficient. Release enough energy to charge an iPhone 6S ten times. The best power bank of the traveler!

It has 3 USB ports. 5 security systems included. Allows you to charge 3 devices at the same time. Mount an LED that also works as a flashing SOS.

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