The 5 Best Gaming Mice of 2019

Best Gaming Mice

Are you a passionate gamer looking for peripherals that improve the gaming experience and performance? You can only immerse yourself in this guide of ours where we will see the best gaming mice, going from the cheap ones to the top range ones for hard core gamers.

The mouse is an indispensable device for every PC gamer, and whether you play a first-person shooter or a graphic adventure, it must always be an instrument capable of providing the right comfort and the perfect support for your longest videogame sessions. For this it is essential to buy a comfortable and powerful gaming mouse that enhances the gaming experience.

There are so many of them in the world, from the cheap Trust gaming mice to the top of the range Razer and Corsair, but today we will try to see only the best models!

How to choose the best gaming mouse

Well the choice of the right mouse might actually seem, especially if you are a beginner, difficult or confusing. The market overflows with products of the most disparate quality, and you might be wondering what changes from one mouse to another, apart from the list price.

So let’s try to draw together guidelines that can guide us towards the best choice for our needs, and why not, also for our pockets.

Sensitivity and PPE: What is it?

The sensitivity of a mouse is, as you can easily guess, a factor of primary importance. It can be adjusted in the Windows settings or in the options of your favorite game, but as regards the precision and accuracy of the pointer with respect to the movement of our hand, here we need to bring up the DPI. Simply put DPI stands for “dots per inch” and represents the amount of information that the mouse sensor can pick up and send per unit of space traveled. It follows that at a high level of PPE there is a high precision of the pointer, so pay attention to this parameter to be timely and accurate in the FPS.

The ideal value settles between 400 and 800/1000 DPI, although it depends very much on the type of game and on the level of sensitivity with which one is at ease.


You may not know it, but Windows has default hardware acceleration for the mouse. This means that the core pointer is a different distance depending on how rough the movement we made with the mouse is.

It is advisable to disable hardware acceleration, since it is especially used in FPS to affect the acquisition of muscle memory in the most agitated moments or in which it is necessary to rely only on reflexes.

To disable this option you will need to go to Control Panel, from there to Devices and Printers, select Mouse, then Pointer Options and uncheck “increase pointer accuracy”.

Type of sensor

There are several mouse sensors, but those recommended for gaming are exclusively optical. Beware of analog sensors.

It is worth adding that a sensor that communicates via cable with our PC will offer a minor input lag, so only wired ones are considered gaming mice.

In the more expensive models, it is common practice to find a golden connector for an even faster signal and a lower input lag. The default lag, for the uninitiated, is the delay between the movement of our hand and that of the cursor on screen.


Mice have many different forms and this also affects their functionality. Depending on the number of side buttons they will have a more or less relaxed shape. Generally there are two large categories: those on which the hand is placed as a “claw” or those with a “lying hand”. Of course we are leaving out the dimensions, which must be adapted to the size of our hands, so it is a very subjective parameter.

The advice is to try different ones and experiment until we have identified the model that best suits our needs.

It is worth mentioning the need for a suitable mouse pad, wide enough to allow smooth and uniform movement without having to raise your hand to reposition the pointer. In the most hectic sessions, in fact, every second is precious and could make the difference between a won game and a lost one.


Of course they are the key thing in a gaming mouse, along with ergonomics and precision. Make sure they are receptive and always respond to input. Poor quality mice tend to lose pressure sensitivity, requiring more effort and fatigue in shooting sessions. The same applies to the wheel, which must slide evenly without jamming. Poor quality wheels lose scrolling precision with wear, which is particularly frustrating if we are in a game session.

Another very important factor is the number of keys: if you are a MMORPG or MOBA fan, for example, you will feel the need for a mouse with more side keys (more advanced models can also offer 20 programmable side keys) ), otherwise the most balanced middle way is the mouse with 3 additional keys.

Ranking of the 5 best gaming mice

5. Razer DeathAdder Chroma

Best Gaming Mice

10,000 DPI in a product that makes ergonomics the strong point, so much so that Razer has bothered real Esport athletes in order to be able to get the best hand comfort, a really important aspect especially among professional players who spend many hours a day in front at the PC.

The mouse offers two programmable buttons and, of course, RGB LEDs that can be illuminated with our favorite colors. Thanks to the extremely powerful optical sensors it guarantees a truly remarkable gaming experience!

4. Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum: The cheapest gaming mouse

Best Gaming Mice

With a range of 200 to 12,000 DPI and 11 programmable keys, the Logitech G502 is an excellent product suitable for novice players, who want to start immediately with a product capable of providing them with ample room for improvement, both for the most experienced players looking for a compromise between quality and price. This is one of the cheapest gaming mice there is, but despite its rather low price, its features are truly optimal and guarantee phenomenal gaming experiences!

Equipped with RGB LEDs, it will be able to shine with our favorite colors giving the right dose of tamarraggine to our darkest gaming sessions. Also excellent sensitivity, really surprising for a mouse with such a low iicost.

3. Corsair M65 PRO RGB

Best Gaming Mice

Among the best gaming mice, the M65 PRO RGB, one of the top models of Corsair, one of the best brands for high-end players, cannot be overlooked. The sturdiness of this mouse, its aluminum structure and the study of the center of gravity make it particularly recommended for FPS. It is a light and perfect mouse for frantic shooter sessions.

12.000 DPI are not missing with the possibility of changing them on the fly, customizable RGB LEDs thanks to the Corsair software and 8 programmable buttons. These features make it an indispensable companion even for games other than FPS, such as MOBA and MMORPG, although it is designed specifically to give the maximum in FPS.

2. Corsair Scimitar PRO RGB

Best Gaming Mice

With the Corsair Scimitar PRO RGB we have a 16.000 DPI sensor with a lot of memory for the internal memorization of the profiles. It therefore lends itself to being a multi-faceted mouse capable of setting itself in a click in the right attitude for the title of the moment.

Thanks to the equipment of 12 mechanical buttons this mouse represents the best model with regard to MMO and MOBA, or games in which macros are required and where you have to deal with numerous skills and objects that can be activated. Thanks to the Scimitar you will be able to considerably improve your game, improving and increasing in rank.

Furthermore, the feeling of use of mechanical keys is extremely comfortable and pleasant. A mouse that really makes the difference!

1. Asus ROG Spatha: the best gaming mouse

Best Gaming Mice

It could be your forbidden dream or the mouse that could make you taste a professional gaming experience, however you will probably want to wait for some offer because it is not a strictly economic model.

This mouse can be used both wireless and wired, depending on our current needs, and represents the best gaming mouse, especially for MMOs (Massively multiplayer online). It also offers ergonomics, customization of lights and buttons, RGB LEDs and 12 programmable buttons.

It is a light and robust product thanks to the magnesium alloy which gives stability and reliability in all conditions. Needless to say, the design is as aggressive as the name itself and the ASUS ROG Spatha represents excellence for PC Gamers, the perfect model for hardcore gamers with big claims.

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