7 Gadgets that will change your office forever in 2019

office gadgets

How to get started in 2019? Revolutionizing the office of course! Make your workplace a welcoming and beautiful place for you and your employees, personalizing some useful gadgets. We have selected ten gadgets specifically for you …

Laptop Backpacks

office gadgets

One of the most useful things for company employees is PC backpacks. No more bags that break and are harmful to the back: these items are not only beautiful to look at, but they are practical and comfortable. And perfect for carrying the laptops needed for the daily activities of employees.

  • Anti-theft computer backpack
  • Cheap PC backpack
  • Waterproof PC backpack
  • PC backpack with trolley strap
  • Multi-pocket PC backpack
  • PC backpack with trolley


office gadgets

Papers are one of the most useful gadgets available to anyone using them. They fall into the category of economic gadgets, thanks to their low cost. They are useful because they allow you to keep your cards in order and, thanks to the personalization with the company logo, they will be a source of advertising for you all over the world. In the catalog you will find many variants of models: applicable to the smartphone, with RFID protector, rigid and multi-compartment.

  • From smartphone + RFID
  • 8 compartments
  • 40 cards
  • 7 rigid compartments
  • With smartphone support
  • Colored
  • Fan-shaped
  • With elastic
  • Rigid in aluminum
  • In leatherette
  • In cork
  • Leather


office gadgets

Who doesn’t happen to be under pressure at work? Give your employees personalized anti-stress games to let off steam in moments of greatest difficulty: the atmosphere in the office will be more relaxed and they too will be more serene.

  • Animals
  • Transport
  • Electronics
  • Feasts
  • Keychain
  • Medical
  • Food
  • Sport
  • Various
  • Balls


office gadgets

Rain is a very annoying thing, especially if you don’t have an umbrella. Equip your office with these personalized items, so your employees can use them when needed. And so your logo will be visible even outside your walls.

  • Transparent
  • Colored paperback
  • Mini with case
  • Maxi two-tone
  • Automatic quality
  • Reversible
  • Medium colored
  • Mini with torch
  • Mini with torch
  • Windscreen

Notebooks and Notepads

office gadgets

One of the most essential things for a worker is a notebook or notepad on which to write work commitments or conference notes. This is why your company cannot do without this simple and useful gadget.

  • Economical lines
  • Recycled paper + pen
  • 96 neutral sheets
  • A6 with elastic
  • A5 black in PVC
  • Cork notes
  • Notebook powerbank
  • USB notebook
  • Notebook with pockets
  • Fabric notebook


office gadgets

Computer users need a mousepad. This is also fundamental for those who own a laptop, since the mouse allows better back posture and avoids carpal tunnel damage.

  • Suitable for sublimation
  • With photo frame
  • Classic
  • With calculator
  • With wrist rest
  • With numeric keypad
  • With wireless charging


office gadgets

A gadget as simple as it is useful: the ruler. You can’t miss in the desks of an office because, sooner or later, it will always come in handy. Choose the model and color that best suits you and customize it with the logo of your company.

  • 30 cm in wood
  • Classic in plastic
  • Ruler with clip
  • Paper cutter ruler
  • In recycled cardboard
  • With magnifying lens

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