The Samsung Galaxy Watch, the premium range watch for Android

Many companies are raising again a battle that already seemed won by Apple Watch, both LG andHuawei and of course Samsung have returned to the issue with the issue of wearablesand more specifically by the hand of smart watches.The bet of Samsung seems continue but probably the best.

Stay with us to see what the details of Samsung’s smart watch are and why you should get one of these if you’re looking for the best in the range.

Design and materials: Samsung never spares

We find a device that is not only a clock, but also looks like a clock, the Samsung’s maxim always with the Gear range is perpetuated over time.It is really elegant with a circular arrangement and a total weight of around 63 grams.It has a steel box and two different sizes, 42 and 46 millimeters, although both are considerably larger compared to the more direct competition.Undoubtedly the watch is beautiful at first sight and does not clash in almost any kind of situation.

  • Size: 46 x 49 x 13 / 41.9 x 45.7 x 12.7
  • Weight: 63 grams / 49 grams
  • Strap: 22mm / 20mm

We have included a plastic black silicone strap, however, we take into account that the straps are totally universal and changing them is extremely easy.It is important to note that the interaction with the screen will not always be with the touch system, but has a crown on the top that is mobileand allows us to navigate around the user interface.The same happens with the size of the belt, it is variable and includes another modality in the box so that we can adjust it as much as possible to our personal needs.

Technical characteristics: That we do not miss anything

It is clear that a smart watch does not seem to need too much hardware to fulfill its functions, however, we have a dual-core processor with just under 1 GB of RAM (768 MB) and of course some internal storage, and here we have the first complaint.We have 4 GB in total, but if we take into account that 2.5 GB is “eaten” by the Operating System, we have a total of 1.5 GB for us, we remember that Samsung TVs already have an Operating System similar that requires little storage in quality.

Samsung Galaxy Gear
Brand Samsung
Model Galaxy Gear 42 and 46mm
Screens 1.3 and 1.2 inches Super AMOLED (360 360) Corning Gorilla Glass
Drums 472 mAh and 270 mAh
Processor Exynos 9110 Dual Core 1.15 GHz
OS Tizen OS 4.0
Storage and RAM 768 MB + 4 GB
Connectivity Bluetooth 4.2 + WiFi + NFC + GPS and Glonass
Sensors Accelerometer + Gyroscope + Barometer + HRM + Luminosity
Resistance 5 ATM + IP68
Compatibility iOS and Android
Price From 299 dollars

At the level of connectivitywe do not lack anything, Bluetooth 4.2 to connect to the iPhone, NFC to make payments through Samsung Pay, GPS to track our routes and much more.We must not forget that the operating system of this Samsung Galaxy Watch is Tizen, owned by Samsung, which will allow us to fully interact even with WhatsApp messages, something that makes it truly useful.No doubt this catapults even more Samsung’s clock that works really well, surpassing even the results we get with the competition hand Android Wear.

Content management and autonomy

We have an integrated microphone in the Samsung Galaxy Watchthat will allow us, among other things, to easily answer phone calls.Honestly it is not the most used feature, but it will get us out of more than one hurry if we have the phone in our pocket.Remember that the Samsung Galaxy Watch is not an independent clock, it must be synchronized with the devicethrough the application available in the Google Play Storeand from that moment we can see as a reflection all notifications.Obviously some of the features such as navigation we will be able to use them easily if the mobile data is transferred from the smartphone to which it is linked.

In the autonomy tests we have managed to get two days of maximum use, (472 mAh) lengthening it to three if we do not have an excessive movement of autonomy.Mention that we are not using the LTE version, but the most widespread, which is the 46-millimeter model.This screen with the brightness adjusted automatically and a normal management of our activity with the clock allows us, as we said, get at least two days of autonomy.To charge it we will use a wireless charging base that works through a microUSB cable thanks to the charger integrated in the product box.Of course we do not lack absolutely nothing and wireless charging is the most comfortable for this type of device.

Experience of use and opinion of the editor

We have been using Galaxy Gear for several weeks as our main smart watch and the reality is that it has left us with great sensations.We have enjoyed a pretty good panel and that defends itself in very bright conditions.In the same way, the mobile piece that allows us to interact with Tizen OS is a very favorable point for Samsungbecause it allows us not to stain the device constantly, in fact, it works great and Tizen OS far from being a negative point, it could be called almost as the best of it

It has been extremely comfortable to wear this Galaxy Gearthat fits well in almost any situation due to its sober and quite interesting design.The straps are universal and allows us to add almost any to our liking, without subjecting us to prohibitive prices.What you may not like much are the 299.99 euros that Amazon Galaxy costs this Samsung Galaxy Gear, which is still not close to the prices offered by the Apple Watch for example, but is slightly above what they are willing to spend most Android users, where for that price you buy a Smartphone with lots of possibilities.

The sports tracking with the multitude of sensors thatthis Galaxy Gear has makes it a perfect companion for day-to-day sports,it is worth mentioning that you could submerge without showing any problem, that the heart rate sensor is extremely precise and that counts among other things with barometer and GPS that allows us to monitor our route.


  • Excess plastic
  • The app store

Touch to talk about the negative pointsof this Galaxy Gear.Personally I did not like that the flange of the side buttons has a rubber coating, the same as with the bottom, which is made of plastic.All this despite the fact that as a general rule the watch is well constructed, even though the 46 mm model has been made great for me.


  • Materials and design
  • Tizen OS
  • Resistance
  • General operation

I have lovedTizen OS against what many may think, as well as the huge array of monitoring systems that this watch has.In the same way, the fact that the straps are totally universal allows us to change the design of the same constantly.

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