Xiaomi Mi Band 3: The new quantifying bracelet increases screen, is made touch, submersible and includes NFC

If two things were expected from today’s Xiaomi presentation, one was the Xiaomi Mi 8and another the Xiaomi Mi Band 3. The Chinese manufacturer has not disappointed and the update of its quantifying bracelet has focused on reinforcing weak points and incorporating important features that will probably make it a difficult rival to beat again.

Mi Band 3 has been presented in front of an auditorium with full to the flag with a larger touch OLED screen, the promise of a complete water proofness of up to 50 meters and surely more remarkable inclusion: NFC chip with which it will be possible to make payments, according to the images shown by Xiaomi, although it will be necessary to see if only in China.

The new quantifying bracelet of Xiaomi has the ability to receive notifications of applications and calls like the previous ones, although with the novelty that we can now answer the latter, it tracks our movements as well as some health indicators, its battery provides up to 20 days of autonomy, depending on the manufacturer, and its strap will come in three colors.

Features of the Xiaomi Mi Band 3

Although the fundamental technical characteristics of the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 have not undergone very great changes with respect to its predecessor, the Mi Band 2, as we said it has supported those details in which it could slacken and has incorporated some remarkable novelty.

First, the Chinese manufacturer has decided to increase the size of the screen, which for the first time incorporated in the previous generation, and has taken it up to 0.78 inches, maintaining the OLED technology. It is not a revolution, but in comparison it will be noticed.

If the Mi Band 2 was submersible up to 1 meter, the Mi Band 3 resists up to 50 meters of water immersion …

OLED 0.78 inches
120×80 pixels
BATTERY 110 mAh (20 days of autonomy)
SENSORS Accelerometer (ADI) and heart rate monitor
AIR TIGHTNESS Resistance to 5 ATM (waterproof up to 50 meters)
NFC (to make payments, available in a separate version)
PRICE Standard version:169 yuan (about 24 dollars to change)
Version with NFC: 199 yuan (about 29 dollars to change)

In addition, taking note of the demands of much of its clientele, has incorporated a touch panel to make it easier to manage functions and warnings. The resolution of the screen is 120×80 pixels and its surface seems more rounded, further harmonizing the shapes of the tablet. In addition, the button is no longer a separate piece and is perfectly integrated into the body.

In the presentation Xiaomi also wanted to emphasize that its new physical activity bracelet is completely waterproof to 50 meters (resistance to 5 atmospheres), which allows to be connected even when swimming. Mi Band 2 could also be fully immersed in the water, but its IP67 certification only guarantees that it can withstand without any filtration a full immersion at 1 meter for 30 minutes.

Practically at the end of the time they have dedicated to the bracelet, after having announced the price of the basic version, they have shown on screen that the Mi Band 3 will have a version that incorporates NFC. The image did not give an option to the misunderstandings: it will pay. What remains to be known is whether it will work beyond China and can be used in other parts of the world as normal.

Otherwise, the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 is passed to the Bluetooth 4.2 LE and although it maintains autonomy as we had seen at the beginning, those 20 days, it does increase the capacity of the battery to power the evolution of features. If in the Mi Band 2 we had 70 mAh, the third generation reaches 110 mAh. We will also have a heart rate monitor, step quantifier and calories.

And the last novelty are the three official colors. If traditionally the bracelet has been presented in black, although it was possible to find substitutes in other tones in any online store, now Xiaomi gives the option to buy the Mi Band 3 with a strap in the traditional color, in a navy blue and in a orange Red.

New Mi Band 3: Price and availability

The Xiaomi Mi Band 3 available from June 5 in two versions and the prices that have been announced, for now, are for China. The first, the standard, can be purchased for 169 yuan, just over 24 dollars to change. The second, which will be the one that includes the NFC connectivity that allows payments, will be sold for 199 yuan, about 29 dollars.

Seen what happened historically with previous versions, we should not expect higher increases to about 10 dollars for its export and arrival in the international market. For now, the manufacturer has not confirmed its distribution, although given the expansion made in recent months its direct and official sale would not be an idea at all crazy.

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