Apple Pencil: All You Need To Know

Imagine being able to use the iPad Pro in a much more accurate way, such as for graphic projects. This will be possible with the product that was announced along with the brand new tablet version of the manufacturer, the Apple Pencil. The new accessory is nothing more than a stylus (which was already used, including Samsung), but has a thinner end and interacts with the tablet’s display, performing various commands and actions. To know more about the product, check out its main characteristics.

Apple Pencil – Quick Reply

The first and main feature of the Apple Pencil is its very fast response, without the hassle of the latency time that other models may present. This means that by using it on the display of the iPad Pro, as announced by the giant of Cupertino, the response will be practically real-time.

Durable Battery

Manufactured with a special battery, the runtime of the gadget after a full charge is approximately 12 hours. The biggest advantage, however, is that the Apple Pencil has a small Lightning connector on the side opposite the tip and, with only 15 seconds of charging, provides 30 minutes of battery life.

Pressure Sensors

Accompanying the 3D touch technology, announced at the same event by Apple, which identifies different pressures applied in the touch, the stylus pen of the manufacturer also has pressure sensors that serve to measure different strength intensities.

The great advantage of these sensors is that as the iPad Pro does not have the 3D Touch technology announced for the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, the pressure identification through these sensors will serve as an alternative to the function natively present in the displays of the new smartphones.

Position Recognition

If it is not enough to recognize the applied pressure, the Apple Pencil is also able to identify its own position and its position, ensuring that there are no processing errors, for example.

Greater Precision

With a very short response time and the ability to identify different positions and forces applied, this accessory has much more precision in some functions than simply using the iPad Pro with your fingers, such as to draw, sign or make notes to the files. With this, its use is ideal for those who need to work or edit photos, eliminating the need to use a desktop version of several programs.

Native App Support

Because Apple Pencil and iPad Pro have been announced simultaneously, one of the great advantages of this item is that it has compatibility with the vast majority of native apps such as Mail and Notes. This way, all users will be able to use the stylus naturally and without worry.

Optimizing iPad Pro Usage

Announced as Apple’s largest tablet to date, the iPad Pro boasts an incredible 12.9 inches. Whoever wants to make the most of every inch, whether for fun or work, finds in Apple Pencil a great way to optimize the full size of the display, ensuring a much more satisfying experience.

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