Six wireless chargers for the iPhone X as fast (or more) as the original charger with cable

Two of the big news that incorporated Apple iPhone in 2017 were fast charging and wireless charging, two different concepts but they have one thing in common: the battery. However, you will not be able to use fast charging or wireless charging with the contents of the original box.

While waiting for Apple to release its charger AirPower enabling wireless charging iPhone, AirPods and Apple Watch at the same time – something which is expected to take place during 2018 – we want to show you some alternatives for you forget the wires and load your iPhone at least as fast as with the serial charger.

Fast charging and wireless charging, the innovations of the 2017 iPhone

With these new functions it is possible to charge both iPhone 8 and iPhone X without the need for cables, simply by placing them on a charging base. In the same way, under certain environmental conditions, you can go from 0% to 50% of battery in just half an hour.

Although the iPhone X and iPhone 8 allow fast charging and wireless charging, you may not have any of them with the pack which comes standard when you purchase the terminal. So, you will find the Lightning adapter – 3.5mm Jack, EarPods and charger 5W Lightning cable – USB.

How does wireless charging of the iPhone X work?

The wireless charging of the iPhone X and iPhone 8 works through induction thanks to the glass housing of both terminals. It does not have much mystery: simply put the iPhone on the loading surface and make sure it is located in the center of the base. In a matter of seconds, the load will start and you will see the icon in the status bar.

As we read in Apple’s support documentation, for a charging base to be compatible with the iPhone X and iPhone 8, it must be Qi certified, an open and universal standard created by the Wireless Power Consortium.

Remember to use the power adapter included with the accessory, place the phone face up and it is advisable to remove the cover that covers the iPhone X for better performance and avoid overheating. In general, do not put anything between the phone and the base and avoid movement for a better that does not change its position.

Wireless chargers as fast (or more) as the serial charger for iPhone X

Beyond these general tips, you will only have to leave it at the base and the wireless charging through inductive will do the rest. Easy and fast … or not so much. At the moment of truth, the fast charge in iPhone in general is limited to 5W except in a few exceptions. Precisely for this reason, although many chargers specify a higher load capacity, few are able to charge the iPhone X to more than 5W, taking in 7,5W the top of wireless charging. 50% faster than the traditional charger, which is not bad.

Also, we must bear in mind that if the device is overheated, iOS will cut the load completely for security reasons until the iPhone falls to a safe temperature range.

UGREEN 5W charger

The UGREEN charger is one of the most valued options for Amazon users thanks to its attractive price, – only costs 16.99 dollars -, the elegance of its glass finish and its loading effectiveness.

Remember that although it appears in your specifications a fast load “faster” up to 10W, only charge the iPhone X to 5W.

Lensoul 5W charger

Another incredibly cheap and elegant alternative is that of Lensoul, with a base with greater adhesion made of leather, 5 W load and a great value for money, only 12.99 dollars.

5W Spigen charger

The famous brand specialized in covers also has an ultra-compact charger version at only 12.99 dollars with a standard 5W charge.

In favor, a maximum grip thanks to its rough surface and a thickness of only 4 millimeters.

Belkin Boost Up 7.5 W Charger

Belkin has worked hand in hand with Apple to create the Boost Up charger, capable of charging the iPhone X at 7.5 W for 51.95 dollars in white.

It is available in gray and white, is somewhat bulky and in its favor has a design that dissipates temperatures well.

Spigen 7.5 W

Spigen also offers a proposal to the impatient. The F306W reaches 7.5 W of load, however, as a counterpart it is thicker than the model with lower load power, with an optimal design to avoid contact, which minimizes heating. Get it for only 24, 99 dollars.

Amavasion Charger 7.5W

It is not the AirPower but the Amavision charger is quite similar, both in colors and possibilities: if you want to charge both iPhone X and Apple Watch – only compatible with the Apple Watch series 2 and series 3 -, you can do it with this base for 32.90 dollars.

In addition, the Amavisin charger also reaches the 7.5 W charge for your iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 8.

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