3 Gadgets To Save Energy

As much as they explain, I still cannot understand a light bill. It’s a topic, but I swear I’ve tried it more than once. What I do know is that each month is a greater effort for the family. In addition, seeing how strange this summer has been in terms of time, every day I am more concerned about climate change, so at home we are doing everything possible to lead a more sustainable lifestyle and, oddly enough. So I’m going to advise some gadgets to save energy and money, while taking care of our environment.

How to save money and energy with technology

Light consumption meter

Its function is quite similar to smart meters, but we have more detailed information. Certain electric companies offer special rates. The prices vary depending on the time slot in which we use the devices and appliances connected to the electricity grid. But some of us have certain difficulties in this regard, especially those of us who do not have office hours , but our working day away from home is all day.

The consumption meters tell us how much consumed and at what time. This data can help us find better deals in different companies, as well as analyze them to try to optimize the energy.

Smart plugs

Some time ago I told you about my experience with smart plugs. And I strongly recommend its use, especially if they are programmable. Yesterday I had crisis. My brother and his family came to spend the weekend with us. I went into the living room to look for my smartphone. And in that moment, I confess that I surpassed a bit the amount of devices that I saw around. The phones of all, two laptops, the tablets of the kids and, of course, the television, the modem, the decoder of the cable television … And they were all plugged in! Do you know how much energy is consumed like this?

Smart plugs tell us. With WiFi connection and associated with a mobile app, we will get how much we spend and at what time. Although it is sometimes inevitable, it is not like that when we are lying down or outside the home. Therefore, this gadget gives you the opportunity to program the moment in which we want to disconnect the appliances and appliances connected to it. If you realize it can be a reduction of at least ten hours, so it is very worthwhile.

Remote control strips

In other posts, we have recommended that you place the computer that the kids use in the classroom. Desktop computers are usually connected to the printer and other tools, so we usually have a power strip for everything to work properly. With gadgets like this, we just need to point to it to disconnect all the power.

Thus, it becomes an ideal complement or, even, a substitute for smart plugs, since we can easily unplug those items from the home that we do not give a fixed use. And, of course, connect them. I find it especially useful in the case of desktop computers, as well as for the television area, since that is where the cables accumulate the most.

What is happening in recent times over time shows that climate change is here. If we want to stop this process, we have to get to work now. In addition, we will have the advantage that we will also save money.

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