4 Tips for choosing the perfect headphones for you

I’ve been sharing my passion for music on Facebook and Twitter for a few months now. Music, like books, always accompanies me. They are an essential part not only of my leisure but of my way of being. Without them, it would be another. Although I have increasingly limited time, I have managed to organize myself so I can continue enjoying one of my greatest pleasures: take a disk and analyze it from top to bottom. Taste the lyrics, the sounds, look for those bass that excite me … To achieve this, I try to keep abreast of the launch of new headphones and as I love sharing everything I know with you, I leave here some tips that will help you choose the most appropriate for you.

4 features that I look for in my headphones

Elimination of noise

Generally, we think that this is achieved by increasing the volume of the headphones. But, as we know, this solution is not the best for the health of the ear. To achieve this, it is best to attend to the design. The lightest are the in-ear or airpods type helmets, as they are introduced into the ear canal. These are my favorite for the street, but these also affect our health. So I have others for home, circumaural: they are diadema, but cover the entire ear, so that the sound is distributed, without having to take the volume to such high levels.

In addition, the best manufacturers of headphones know that we seek recollection, so many already include an anti-noise technology, to provide the privacy we seek. Therefore, I recommend you look for helmets with anti-noise system, especially for those at home. However, I do not like it so much to walk or run , because we run the risk of not listening to what happens around us, with what this means in an environment full of vehicles.

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This is a fundamental characteristic for me. The equalizers ensure that the sound is not distorted by the treble or bass, is there anything worse than listening to a buzz instead of a good drums or a suggestive beat? It bothers me a lot. And that’s why I’m so rigorous in this sense. So, when I look at the technical sheet, I have it clear: V equalizer, ideal for rock and electronic music, as it highlights these sounds. Bearing in mind that nowadays even seemingly more organic music has electronic elements, either with samples or in the base, I think it is the most appropriate.

Bluetooth connection, yes, but also WiFi

The most usual thing is that we look for a Bluetooth connection, to listen to the playlists, and also the books, that we have in the mobile. I also do it, but the mobile phone battery can suffer a lot, we use this option a lot. Therefore, the ideal is to enjoy the cable, the Bluetooth, as well as the WiFi connection. We will receive the sound through the internet, so that our devices will not lose autonomy when we are using it.


It is the most obvious characteristic but it is not always easy to achieve, especially in diadem. The cups, which cover the speaker, may be too hard, too large or too small. Whenever possible, try to try them at least during a song before buying them. For very good sound, when helmets hurt you are unbearable.

I know that many of you have the same relationship with the music that I have. You will know how the experience varies using some accessories or others, so looking for the ones that best suit one is also a way of pampering ourselves, because our hobbies matter as much as those of our children and couples.

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