5 essential gadgets for a sportsman

Before asports trainingor a race there are several preparations to complete.We must carefully choose the most appropriate clothing for the discipline practiced, the playlists of the songs to listen to while you train and the reintegrators of mineral salts to take with you.Depending on your specific needs, you can also count onsome gadgetsthat could definitely make a difference during your training.We have selected5 low cost items that no sportsman should do without.

Light visibility from the shoe

If you are used to working out in the evening, or when the sun has already set, it might be abright strip to be applied to your sneakers.This gadget is easily adapted toall sizes of shoes,and is ideal for running, walking and excursions with little light to get noticed.You can also choose twomodes of use: continuous or intermittent light, so as to be sure not to go unnoticed.

Change mat

In the gym, as well as in the pool, achange matis always convenient.In fact, these are environments in which bacteria proliferate, and it is advised to avoid direct contact with surfaces that are not perfectly clean.For this reason, a gadget like that can not be missing in the bag of every respectable sportsman.


You may lose a lot of fluids from one exercise to another, so it is important to stay well hydrated.For bottles, however, waterbottlesare preferable, better ifBPA Free.Using a reusable container, you will not only dogood for the environment, but you will have at your disposal an easy-to-use gadget (many are also equipped with straw), resistant and also beautiful to see, as they are found in many colors.

Sponge sports towel

Among the essential gadgets for a sportsman we can not fail to mention the classicterry cloth.This accessory is the best friend of those who train at the gym: you can indeed lean on the surface of the tools with which you intend to practice, and is useful to keepthe moisture of the skin under control.

Backpack bag

Spare clothes, pesetti, water bottle: where to put everything you need if not in a practicalbackpack bag?These gadgets are very light and practical, anddo not take up much spaceif you do not have a locker in the gym.Being also available in many colors, you can have fun combining them with your clothes too.Because let’s face it, even the eye wants its part.

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