Razer Productivity Pack: BlackWidow Lite, Atheris and Goliathus Mobile Stealth

This trio of Razer branded peripherals turn out to be a valid possibility for those who are often on the move and want to be able to work as if they were inside their own office.

If we talk about the Razer brand we usually associate it with excellent gaming peripherals that can also have a more classic use.In fact, more and more often, we end up using mouse and keyboard for a much higher level than necessary, investing probably more money than necessary.

Obviously,nobody forbids a person to buy gaming peripherals to work, but because they spend more on things that are not appropriate for our purpose. In fact, for this reason, Razer has decided to create a package consisting of three peripherals to make up for this eventuality in the catalog of available products.

This Productivity Package consists of a keyboard, the BlackWidow Lite, a wireless mouse, the Atheris, and a mat, the Goliathus Mobile Stealth.

Let’s see each of these three objects in detail …

BlackWidow Lite

TheBlackWidow Lite is as beautiful as it is small. It keeps many of the potentials of the older sisters, the last one we have evaluated has been the BlackWidow Elite, adapting them to a more professional use compared to the classic gaming.

Thanks to a clean line and a solidity already seen on other models, this Lite model differs mainly due to the absence of the numeric keypad and its extremely quiet mechanical keys. Personally I find that the lack of the keypad, on a keyboard designed to work is a significant lack as, often I find myself having to type a long series of numbers, the speed of writing slows down decisively.

There are no special keys to customize, even if you can customize the keyboard through Synapse 3 software. Please note that, despite the key caps and LEDs are the same as the classic Razer keyboards that we are used to seeing, it will not be possible to change the color of the backlight which is only ice white.

Inside the package there are a bag containing theo-rings that will increase, in case of need, the noise reduction of the already silent keys and a convenient extract keys to perform the operation mentioned above.

What do we like? What we don’t like?
The silence during the beating Lack of the numeric keypad
White ice lighting Wrists are missing
Very compact and easily transportable No special buttons

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Atheris wireless mouse

The small Atheris mouse is a versatile 360 device.Usable via Bluetooth or Wireless, through the USB dongle hidden inside, works with two batteries that we find inside the package to be immediately ready for use. A beautiful unexpected gift.

The two keys on the left profile are ideal for programming shortcuts, pity that they are not so simple to press when using the mouse with the left hand.During the tests I noticed that the connection with the Wireless dongle is not perfect as I expected. It seems that the mouse is affected by possible interferences of the surrounding environment causing a small discrepancy between the movement and the input given;much better than the Bluetooth connection. Obviously it is necessary that the handset has inside the Bluetooth connectivity, otherwise it will be necessary to rely on the Wireless USB connector included in it as in the image below.

Obviously the life of the batteries must be taken into consideration. During the review period I could not date the useful life of the two stylus batteries. For safety it will always be better to bring with you a reserve couple in case of sudden death of the mouse.

Overall, despite its compact size, the mouse is a very interesting device useful for professionals and also for mobile gamers while maintaining a good usability in both situations. It must however be specified that, given the contained forms, it is preferable to use the Razer Atheris for a business purpose, compared to gaming.

The speed of a click can save your life (in play); let’s discover together the best gaming mouse for every need and for every budget.
What do we like? What we don’t like?
The form factor is perfect Suitable for right-handed only
Connection Wireless or Bluetooth Wireless connection is not perfect
Win & Mac compatibility Cordless mouse

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