Lenovo Smart Clock: We tested this watch with Google assistant

Lenovo Smart Clock

The Lenovo Smart Clock is a smart device that has come to us these days to test it. A watch, but not a wristwatch, if not a table, that reflects the large catalog of products of the Asian manufacturer, which covers much more than computers or tablets, such as the Lenovo Tab E10, of which we tell you all its details. To discover what the Lenovo Smart Clock is capable of, just read on.

Unboxing and design of the Lenovo Smart Clock

The Smart Clock is a Lenovo table clock, which as its name suggests, is smart. By this, it means that the user will have at their disposal much more than a device that gives the time or alerts them with alarms.

The Lenovo Smart Clock box clearly reflects what we are buying

The product is presented in a simple and highly descriptive box, which clearly reflects to the buyer everything relevant to the device. It is a rigid cardboard wrapper, and rectangular in shape. With a diaphanous white background, it has several photos of the product on the faces of the case, as well as the fundamental information of the watch distributed between the sides and the back of the case.

The opening of the box is simple. It opens like a kind of chest, the closure is magnetized. The watch is embedded inside a cardboard crib. Glued on one side another small cardboard box contains the accessories that accompany the Smart Clock. They are few. The bare minimum: Power adapter; Manual in several languages.

Physical appearance of the Lenovo Smart Clock

The product shows a careful presentation. Gray in color, the exterior is covered with a soft-touch fabric. The front is dominated by the screen glass, with a large black frame. The back part exposes the connections and buttons. While at the top a couple of symbols are camouflaged representing the volume up and down buttons with icons. At the base, a pair of rubber straps act as feet that prevent slipping.

The complete dimensions of the device are 7.98 cm x 11.38 cm, with a thickness of 7.92 cm. By weight, it is a fairly light device, since it is only 328 grams.

This product does not have a battery, so it needs to be permanently plugged in. For this, it has an input on the back for the power adapter that is included with the watch. In addition to this input, the back of the device has a USB port. Its utility is to serve as a charging port for other devices. In between the two connectors we have a switch that is used to disable listening to the microphone that the watch has incorporated.

Lenovo Smart Clock technical details and features

Given the physical aspect of the watch we will discuss its technological details.

Lenovo Smart Clock display

The device has a 4- inch screen, with a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels. A quite adequate size to see it on the nightstand or where we want to place it. It has several levels of brightness regulation. The lowest of them especially so as not to disturb during our breaks. It is a color screen, and touch. It has a simple and intuitive operation. Apart from clicking on what we see on the screen (icons for example), dragging from the edges displays the menus or goes to secondary screens, such as the music player.

Watch connectivity

The operation of the device requires pairing it with a mobile phone or tablet device that has the Android or iOS operating system. We will have to have the Google Home app installed on the chosen device.

The watch has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. The connection process is guided at all times from the screen of the Google application. Which, to match the clock will require that we first modify the wireless network to which we are connected by the Lenovo Smart Clock itself.

Features and Performance Summary

This watch, along with the basics of telling the time, will respond to our vocal commands. In this way, we can ask to play any song or playlist on Spotify if we linked the account. The whole process begins by saying the phrase Ok Google. Then the watch changes the screen to the listening mode and attends to our next order. For example, if we say Good Morning, the Lenovo Smart Clock runs a routine, which by default tells us the time, the expected time, and plays the morning news. Of course, we can configure this routine to our liking, for example, giving us information on local traffic or sports.

We also have a routine for the night, which can range from playing relaxing music, to turning off lights or closing doors. All this of course will depend on the level of integration that we have in Google Home and the smart elements connected at home.

The watch perfectly captures the voice, having a proven effectiveness of up to 8 meters away. The response speed is adequate, and we have not noticed any problems when executing the actions quickly. For example, quickly access the music service and play the songs or even propose other themes and lists if we do not have something appropriate to the request made. As for the quality of audio, Lenovo Smart Clock is not a music player, so we did not expect anything from the other world of the speaker 1.5″ and 3W, with a maximum power of 6W.

Lenovo Smart Clock technical data

The specifications of this Lenovo Smart Clock are as follows:

Height x width 79.8mm x 113.88mm
Thickness 79.2 mm
Weight 328 g (0.723 lb)
Color and finish Soft-touch gray fabric cover
I / O buttons
  • Microphone connection
  • Mute switch
  • Volume control +/-
Processor Mediatek 8167S 1.5ghz
Sound 1.5″ 3W speaker (6W maximum power) – 2 passive radiators
Flash (eMMC) 8 GB
Display technology IPS color touch
Dimension 4″
Resolution 480 x 800 pixels
loading port DC power
Others USB to charge devices
Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac dual band 2.4 / 5 GHz
Bluetooth 5.0
  • Management of smart home devices
  • Play music
  • Organize agenda
  • Alarm
  • Good morning routine
  • Good Night Routine
  • Recharge devices via USB port
  • It darkens when the light is turned off
software Requires the Google Home App
Compatibility Android / iOS
Idle consumption 2.5 W
Activation distance 8 meters approx.
Box contents
  • Lenovo Smart Clock
  • Adapter
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Warranty card

Conclusions about the Lenovo Smart Clock

This smart device, the Lenovo Smart Clock, more than fulfills what the manufacturer claims. It is a simple device to use, which does not have complicated configuration or handling processes. Its technology makes it respond quickly and efficiently to both manual and voice commands. By itself, it offers many interesting functions, but without a doubt, its maximum potential will be reached by having more smart home devices (lights, speakers, etc.).


  • Quality materials.
  • Large screen with good brightness.
  • Fast and efficient performance.


  • It must remain plugged in.
  • The sound has no musical quality.

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