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EBook readers are increasingly popular, after a period of initial distrust. Difficult to abandon the dear old paper, but the practicality of these small black and white tablets is unsurpassed. You can take dozens of books with you in a small space, moreover the resistance to liquids and dust of some models makes reading on the beach more practical, where the paper could incur unpleasant accidents.

Amazon Kindle

Amazon recently renewed its entire eBook Reader line, starting with the most popular and cheapest one, the Kindle. Compared to the models of the past years, the big news is the LED overlighting, which allows you to read even in the dark. For the rest, the Kindle offers a good general definition, with a 6” e-Ink screen of fair quality capable of generating 167 pixels per inch. The autonomy is very high, with a single charge, you can read even for two weeks without the need for additional charges, also the 4 GB of memory offer enough space to store dozens of books.

Kobo Clara HD

Kobo Clara HD is about the same size as the Amazon Kindle but doubles the definition of the 6″ screen, and also the internal memory, which reaches 8 GB. The ComfortLight Pro technology is interesting, with which to adjust the color temperature of the display thus obtaining a warmer yield, suitable for dark environments, or colder, better if you read in sunlight. The characteristics of this eBook reader also make it ideal for reading comics as well as books; in addition, the battery offers a long life, longer than two weeks.

Kindle Paperwhite

A direct evolution of the most basic Kindle, the Paperwhite doubles the definition of the 6” screen and the internal memory available, bringing it to 8 GB, but with an additional 32 GB variant to enrich the offer. Compared to the models mentioned so far, this is the only one with IPx8 certification for water resistance, which makes it perfect for reading on the beach or in the pool, since it withstands immersion up to 2 meters for 60 minutes. The performance with comics is also good, which can be purchased directly in the Amazon store. There is also the over-lighting to read in the dark, in a more precise version than that available in the basic Kindle, and a long-lasting battery, longer than two weeks.

Kobo Aura H2o Edition

Kobo Aura H2O Edition is a well-made eBook reader that makes its waterproofing and screen size its strengths. Compared to the other models seen so far, the panel goes from 6 to 6.8 inches, for a more comfortable reading, but they increase weight and size. ComfortLight Pro technology is also present, to adjust the color temperature of the display, too bad the brightness sensor is missing, so this must be manually adapted according to the reading environment. The internal memory remains 8 GB, more than enough to hold tons of books and even a few comics, the latter more satisfying to read thanks to the screen size. Excellent menu browsing speed, as well as battery life, of around two weeks.

Kindle Oasis

Kindle Oasis offers the best Amazon sauce reading experience. Thanks to its 7” display with a definition of 300 PPI, the characters have an optimal definition on the screen, also the 8 GB of internal memory allow you to save dozens of books, even more if you choose the 32 GB version. This eBook reader is water resistant and integrates a sensor that detects the ambient brightness, thus adapting the screen overlight to the reading environment. The color temperature is also customizable. Despite the advanced features, the battery lasts longer than fifteen days, for a product that costs more than the other models but also very complete.

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