Mi Smart Camera PTZ and Mi Smart Camera PTZ Pro: Xiaomi presents two new surveillance cameras

Mi Smart Camera

Now it is time to refer to another of the products that we have known from the hands of the Chinese manufacturer. These are two models of home surveillance camera such as the Xiaomi Mi Smart Camera PTZ and PTZ Pro.

We are faced with two models that, as the name suggests, have differences that go beyond design. Xiaomi renews its catalog to enter to compete in a market such as that of surveillance cameras that has a large number of options from which to choose.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Camera PTZ

Starting with the most “modest”, with the Xiaomi Mi Smart Camera PTZ, we find a surveillance camera with a very recognizable shape that we have already seen in other models. Measuring 115 x 78 x 78 millimeters, it offers a resolution of up to 3MP and an f1 / 4 aperture with which you can record 2K resolution video at a 360º viewing angle. In addition, it is compatible with recording in poor lighting conditions thanks to the use of 6 lenses to achieve greater detail in the images.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Camera PTZ Pro

In the Xiaomi Mi Smart Camera PTZ Pro we find ourselves with a different design. Measuring 122 x 78 x 78 millimeters, it has improved functions, especially when it comes to camera connectivity. Note that along with Bluetooth, this model is compatible with dual-band Wi-Fi, so that we can use the 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz network that our router uses.

Regarding recording capabilities, it integrates the same 3 megapixel lens with the ability to record up to 360º and with the help of AI to detect human figures. And in both cases, we are faced with two models that are compatible with the Xiaomi Mi Home ecosystem for the connected home.

In addition, in both models, the H265 recording codec can be used to optimize the size of captured video and save recordings in the cloud, on a NAS or on a MicroSD card up to 32GB.

Price and availability

The Xiaomi Mi Smart Camera PTZ Pro will be priced at around 249 yuan, while the Xiaomi Mi Smart Camera PTZ will stay at around 199 yuan. For now there is no news of its arrival in international markets.

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