Xbox Series X: launch date, price and video games

Xbox Series X

The protagonist of the new episode of the IGN Unlocked podcast, Phil Spencer, the great patron of the Xbox X Series, has not shied away (as far as possible) to take a new step towards the launch of the new console. In essence, Microsoft is ready for the challenge. It has no intention of lifting its foot off the accelerator. There are still some variables on the field to be addressed (in the USA the pandemic for Covid-19 is amplifying the difficulties), but the Colossus of Redmond is on track. It knows that with Xbox Series X it can’t go wrong.

The launch date

The first good news, unrelated to the theme of software and video games, is this: Xbox Series X will be released by 2020. The identified period is that of the peak season, therefore from October to December. The exact date cannot be revealed yet. However, according to US experts and analysts, the best time on the calendar would be from mid-November, with perfect timing for Thanksgiving, which represents one of the most heartfelt holidays in the United States.

Xbox X Series: how much will it cost?

Inside the Redmond offices, the die would be cast. Obviously, a so-called “internal price” has been defined and outlined. But now the right tacticism is taking place. There is talk of a flexible approach, precisely to govern the situation in the best way. But at the moment one must take into account many external factors, in addition to the competitor’s moves (Sony Interactive Entertainment with his Ps5, ed) and the market conditions that cannot be overlooked. One element however is clear: Microsoft has no intention of making mistakes, as had happened with the launch of Xbox One. At the time, and at launch, the console cost $ 100 more than the rival Ps4. A heavy and sensational mistake, which had led to a blockage of sales in the initial phase.

Xbox Series X and Halo Infinite

Needless to deny that the launch of a new console must necessarily be supported by a host of video games. And of absolute quality. So-called third parties are at work. But, as always, each console vendor cannot help but launch at least one of its top quality IPs. In the case of Microsoft, or rather Xbox Series X, the name, sorry for the brand, is Halo on everyone’s lips. Grand patron Phil Spencer has confirmed his debut for now is Halo Infinite, despite the developers of 343 Industries are struggling with the Coronavirus emergency and therefore forced to work in smart working. So, for now, no postponement to 2021 for the top title of Microsoft, since for now “the situation is under control”. In any case, on the other side of the ocean they confirm that there will be no changes on the operational calendar developed. Xbox Series X will be released, however, for the 2020 Christmas season.

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