A step-by-step guide to gaming laptops that takes beginners by the hand

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If you are thinking of buying a gaming laptop, you will surely be overwhelmed by the large number of options that exist in the market. A lot of brands, of different models, each one with a lot of features … but don’t worry, in this article we are going to help you to choose the best option among all the  gaming laptops on  the market and thus be as satisfied as possible with your purchase, we start.

What to consider when choosing a gaming laptop?

Processor and RAM

The key to a smooth gaming computer is having a good processor. In this sense, you should opt for a computer that at least has an Intel Core i5 processor. If you don’t care about money and want the best, with a Core i7 you’ll have even more power.

When it comes to RAM, we recommend that you have 16GB. There are many models on the market that only mount 8GB and yes, it is enough, but for better performance, we recommend the 16GM.

Graphic card

Just as important as the processor, it is a good graphics card. For starters, the graphics card will always have to be dedicated. This means that the computer has an individual graphics card for its use and that it does not use other shared resources to generate that graphic power.

In this regard, we recommend that at least it is an Nvida GTX 1050. With this card, you will move the games quite well. There are more powerful cards, but that is already depends on what you are willing to spend. As for the choice of these cards, you always have to take into account the memory of the same and of course, the type in question. The more memory you have for game graphics processing, the easier it is to move.


In the same way that happens when we search the market for monitors for gamers, the choice of the screen in a portable gaming computer is an important decision.

As of today, the standard resolution is 1080p, but you can find better quality displays at 4K. The refresh rate is important and if it exceeds 200 Hz, much better.

Finally, the size of it. We recommend that it be 17 inches. The vast majority of them are 15 inches in size, but with a larger screen, it is much more enjoyable, however the decision is yours.

Memory and cooling

Finally, two aspects that, despite being somewhat more secondary, are also important. The more storage capacity the computer has, the more games you can install on it.

Regarding cooling, this is important, since a gaming computer gets quite hot. However, if the model has poor cooling, you can always buy a cooling medium on which to place the computer, which are many on the market and have extra help when it comes to cooling your computer.

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