HP has already put price and date of departure to the HP Mindframe headphones that release a particular cooling system

If you are an intensive user of console or computer games, surely you are also a user of headphones to have a greater immersion in your long games. It is not a matter of disturbing the rest of the inhabitants of the house while they sleep and good gaming headphones are the ideal accessory.

The problem is that after using them continuously, especially in summer, the area of ​​the auditory pavilions (the ears, speaking in silver), ends up wrapped in sweat. This is appreciated above all in the headphones that enclose our ears. They are the ones that offer more quality and more insulate, but … they have this problem. HP, a company with a significant presence in the gamer market in May proposed a solution through the innovative HP Mindframe headphones, headphones that we already know their price and date of departure.

But before continuing it is convenient to review what is the key of these headphones. The HP Mindframe are headphones that use a special cooling system to prevent the area of ​​the ears from burning during long sessions of use. For this they have introduced an active cooling system to prevent the ears from sweating during the game sessions.

The mechanism has its origin in the use of a thermoelectric cooling system that manages the headphones to operate at really low temperatures that manage to avoid sweating in the ears area.

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Thermoelectric cooling

Explained very simply, the mechanism is based on the Peltier effect, by which it is possible to create a thermal flow through the union of two different materials which are responsible for causing heat to pass from one area of ​​the device to another.

Of the rest of the characteristics, mention the finishes, in which use is made of pads made of a soft synthetic leather and an adjustable headband. As far as the audio is concerned, they offer virtual surround sound 7.1 and DTS Headpone: X9 to facilitate immersion in our games.

They have a quality unidirectional microphone with noise cancellation that is also silenced automatically when it detects that we are not using headphones. This is activated again when we use them again.

The HP Mindframe are a gaming headset and how they could not miss the chance to ** mount a system of customizable RGB lights *. In addition they connect thanks to a USB 2.0 port so we can use them without problem in a console or on a Windows or Mac computer.

Once put in antecedents and after knowing its existence from May, it was to know when they would arrive at the market and its price. Two questions that have been resolved in the Gamescom this weekend. HP has revealed that from October the HP Mindframe can be found in the markets at a price that will be around 200 dollars.

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