Professional gamer? The LucidSound LS25 headphones are the product you are looking for

When buying a gaming headset it is important to evaluate a series of features that allow us to get into the gaming experience.This is a fundamental premise that must guide the choice of a now ultra segmented market, where there are solutions for any need but, above all, for any pocket.

It is no coincidence that for some time we have been admirers of products with an innovative character that have quality characteristics and that sometimes allow us to save something.For the category of gamers that start a career as a professional and, especially for those who are looking for a valid product to use during the streaming sessions on Twitch, we had the opportunity to test theLucidSoundLS25,designed for competitive gamers that demand the best immersion in the game.

The comfort

It is probably the main feature for those who face long sessions of gaming on the PC or on the sofa.Many mid-low range headphones have a terrifying feature: the upper arc produces a slow and unbearable pain on the head that increases with time.Also the area related to the auricles is often the victim of pains and irritations of different kinds.To overcome this theLS25they use a memory foam bearing system that allows the user to adapt the shape of the head and face to the cuff structure for a feeling of greater comfort.Our test was positive, after an hour of play we did not feel any bother of any kind.Probably, however, this type of system is not particularly suitable for summer play sessions, due to the materials subjected to heating.The feeling is, in any case, that of wearing insulating headphones, total adherence to the head.And this, as you imagine, involves an increase in temperature.

Control system and double microphone

The control system of theLS25is particularly innovative: equipped with interactive ear cups, you can adjust the sound simply by rotating the ear and mute with a simple pressure.This means the end of buttons, switches and knobs that did nothing but stop the concentration.

Chris Von Huben, CEO of LucidSound has thought of this system of control especially for the gamers of portable consoles that seek a superior experience even outside the home.

The LS25 is equipped with a microphone with a removable arm and an integrated hidden microphone, which offers truly universal use and a sober design.

Sound quality

Sound quality is really important when we play games likeCall Of Duty: Black Ops 4or during aFortnitebattle royale .We need not only a clear sound but an excellent balance between mids and lows to be able to fully enjoy the roar of the engines, of the repeated shots, for a complete immersion in the battle.

For this reason, ourLS25testwas focused on a particular process: how do the headphones react to listening to the Foo Fighters while we are at a party with friends during a team death match inCOD BO4?

The result was particularly surprising.It is clear that we could not keep the pace for more than 5 minutes in such a situation, but the definition of the bass and the clarity of the average frequencies allowed us to fully enjoy the sound of the game, isolating from time to time what did not interest us at that moment.

It is a particularly effective test that allows you to make the comparison between the performance of a musical listening and that of the audio levels of the game.

The 40 mm speakers with neodymium magnets offer deep bass and sharp highs, complete with LucidSound audio acoustics with the utmost craftsmanship.Bass-Boost further improves the bass range.

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