The KREAFUNK tRADIO and aMOVE speakers are the highest level of hipster elegance you can have at home

If I do not have to express myself in a few lines of review, on KREAFUNK products I would have to say two simple things: unique design and excellent quality.

These are the two characteristics that make the Danish company KREAFUNK one of the most interesting European players in the market, albeit rather inflated, of the Bluetooth speakers and audio devices.

The KREAFUNK project

KREAFUNK was born in 2011 from the idea of two Danish design enthusiasts with one goal in mind: to create a bridge that combines creativity and functionality through quality design with urban style.

This is why KREAFUNK is born, which has increased its sales solutions year after year, producing articles dedicated to design and technology enthusiasts.

The products of this review

When we talked to KREAFUNK about our blog, the enthusiasm started immediately, so we had the chance to review two really interesting products: tRADIO and aMOVE.

If there’s one thing we like about a product, it’s definitely the packaging: despite the simplicity of the production, the speakers arrive at home in an elegant wooden box with sliding clasp, on which are engraved some quotes related to the world of music and of the show.



KREAFUNK tRadio is the first radio in the collection, but calling it this way is quite simplistic. tRadio is a product that brings the musical experience to a next level, allowing the transmission of the classic FM signal combined with the new DAB + signal as well as acting as a music player in Bluetooth.

Elegant, refined, with colors reminiscent of the twenties of the twentieth century is the perfect combination of hipster design and latest technology. You can choose your own radio station as well as listen to your playlists on Spotify and Apple Music.

tRadio is ready for the next generation

tRADIO prepares you for the future of radio broadcasts, bringing you into the digital world. Very soon the radio signals will be transmitted exclusively in digital and this product will already be able to receive the clean signals of your favorite transmissions. It is therefore important that your radio supports the DAB signal, but above all the DAB + signal given the speed with which these technologies are progressing.

The main functions of KREAFUNK tRADIO are DAB +, FM, AUX and Bluetooth speaker with a double battery of 2 2,200 mAh. This battery allows a playback time of over 10 hours allowing you to recharge the tRADIO with an external charger included in the package.

The smart LCD screen will allow you to get more information about what you are listening to and to view the volume level. Two 3W speakers bring a useful power to quietly cover a room of 30/40 square meters and the internal memory will allow you to record up to 64 preset stations. The bluetooth used for this technology is 4.0.


aMove is a small and compact bluetooth 4.0 wireless speaker (dimensions 16.2 x 5 cm, H: 7.2 cm) with a battery of 1800 mAh inside which allows listening to about 20 hours of music consecutively.

This product is particularly recommended for those who want to connect their smartphone quickly and needs to bring a bluetooth case in the backpack to listen to music on the go. The compact size and the 3W case allow a clean sound reproduction with a very interesting depth.

The bass is defined (we listened to the last album of the Foo Fighters – Concrete and Gold) and high and medium are the real strength of this product. A clear and clean sound and a design really untraceable in other products of this kind.

You can choose aMove in 5 colors: white, black, green, sand blue and the original plum color. A USB cable and an AUX cable are also included in the wooden box in which it arrives.

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