FiiO M7, the first portable player that uses the Exynos 7270 processor

FiiO M7

Listening to music with the mobile phone is not the same as with a portable DAP player such as the FiiO M7. Apart from its small size, this Hi-Res FiiO M7 player offers Bluetooth connectivity and FM radio. Although the most important thing is that it will allow us to enjoy a high fidelity sound anywhere.

FiiO M7, quality finishes

When shaping this FiiO M7 music player, it has opted for a quality design that any audience likes, regardless of their age. It highlights how light it is (116 grams), its contained dimensions (109 x52 x13 mm) and an elegant aluminum body, which make it the ideal device to carry it all day. It fits in any backpack or bag, but you can also carry it comfortably in your pocket or even in your hand. This model is available in four colors: black, silver, matt red and electric blue.

Touch screen

There is also a 3.2-inch TFT touch screen, which has a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels, which will give you the opportunity to move around the different menus comfortably. It also has several physical buttons distributed on the sides of the device. On the left side we have a wheel to manage the volume and three buttons to control the reproduction.

FiiO M7

Connectivity of this Hi-Res FiiO M7 player

On the right margin of this Hi-Res FiiO M7 player, we find a micro SD card slot, which will help us increase its storage capacity by up to 512 GB. This detail is very important, because this device brings 4 GB of ROM memory, of which only 2GB are intended for the user. If we take a look at the top, next to the power button there is a 3.5 mm jack that we can use with headphones, or if you prefer to connect it to an external amplifier. Finally, a USB Type C (2.0) port has been placed at the bottom to recharge the battery.

Samsung CPU with SIP-ePop technology

The power of this FiiO music player is beyond doubt. And it is the first DAP player that integrates an Exynos 7270 processor developed by Samsung, which is formed by two ARM Cortex A53 cores. This CPU, which is designed with the revolutionary SIP-ePop technology, has the peculiarity that it uses 20% less power to ensure the best performance. This player has an Android-based operating system, which will allow you to edit the music, set a wallpaper, search and create playlists, among other possibilities. As if, it were an Android smartphone.

A high performance DAC

This FiiO M7 portable player is equipped with a SA90 ES9018Q2C DAC with integrated amplifier, which provides an amplification power of 49 mW. This translates into HiFi sound up to 192kHz / 24 bit, which offers compatibility with virtually any audio format, with or without losses. In addition to MP3 files, it is capable of playing other types of formats, such as APE, Apple Lossless, AIFF, FLAC, WAV, AAC and OGG, among others. Do not forget that it has the Hi-Res Audio certificate that ensures high-resolution sound.

FiiO M7

20 hours of autonomy

Its lithium polymer battery of 1880 mAh, according to the manufacturer reaches 20 hours of autonomy, being able to reach 40 days in standby mode.

High fidelity Bluetooth

Regarding the wireless connectivity of this Hi-Res FiiO M7 player, it must be said that it has Bluetooth technology under protocol 4.2 that supports the aptX-HD audio codec. This will allow you to enjoy the music you like most in high fidelity without the annoying cables. In addition, it is compatible with other wireless audio codecs such as HWA and LDAC, which will make you live a high-resolution audio experience, thanks to a transfer rate that triples standard Bluetooth audio. It’s a shame that you don’t have WiFi, nor can you install apps.

FM Radio

One of the great novelties of this player is the integration of the FM radio. For this, FiiO has created a chip dedicated exclusively to radio. In this way, it guarantees a high frequency reception capacity, as well as the best sound quality. To use the radio you will have to connect the headphones, since these also work as an antenna. You can select frequencies between 76MHZ and 108MHz, so you can listen to your favorite stations wherever you are.

Accessories included

Along with the corresponding documentation, a USB 2.0 Type-C cable has been included to charge the battery, a screen protector and a transparent silicone case.

For a similar price, you can do with the Fiio X3 III, a light and thin music player, with a 2350 mAh Ion-Lithium battery, with which you will be able to exceed 10 hours of continuous audio playback. It is also compatible with the Bluetooth 4.1 standard and comes with support for microSD cards up to 256 GB.

FiiO M7

FiiO M7 technical specifications

Color Silver, black, red and blue
Dimensions 109 X 52 X 13 mm
Weight 116 grams
Screen 3.2″ 480X800p TFT touch screen
Materials Aluminum and tempered glass
CPU Exynos 7270 14nm
Headphone output 3.5mm standard jack
Line out 3.5mm standard jack
Drums 1880mAh lithium polymer
Storage Internal (2GB) + Micro SD (up to 512 GB)
Port Type C USB 2.0
Bluetooth Yes, v. 4.2

Availability and price of FiiO M7

You can buy this FiiO M7 DAP player in different online stores, although we recommend Amazon, which is one of the ones that offers more guarantees. You can also get it on Ebay, where you can get leather covers to protect him.


  • Quality finish
  • It comes with touch screen
  • It offers high quality sound
  • Play almost all audio formats with or without losses
  • Good autonomy
  • Integrate an FM radio chip
  • HiFi Bluetooth connectivity


  • It does not have WiFi
  • Cannot install third-party applications

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