AUKEY DRA1: Video record everything that happens on the road

This small camera on board for your vehicle captures on video everything that happens on the road.A very practical element torecord any event that occurs on the asphalt,but also to immortalize a break in your car.AUKEY DRA1 is the new model of the brand that we have been able to test in our review.

Design and materials

At the aesthetic level it is practically identical to a sports camera like theAukey 4K AC-LC2that we analyze on the web.It is small and compact, with a rectangular design line with a slight curvature.Its measurements are 80 x 50 x 31 mm and is made of ABS plastic.Of course, its construction allows it towithstand the inclemency of the weather.So it is prepared temperatures that vary between -30C and 75C.

The AUKEY DRA1 is installed on the windshield with asimple anchor, adhesive type or suction cup.The brand offers us this double possibility for its placement.We have verified that both systems respond perfectly.In our case, we have preferred the use of the suction cup for its easy removal and storage in the glove box.In addition, in the packaging of the product we havereplacement3Madhesive.

On the right side of the AUKEY DRA1 we see the reset button of the dashcam, the slot for a microSD card.And in the upper area we have the support locking clip, Mini USB input power input and theGPS connector.It turns out that we can add anAukey GM-32GPS antennato offer a precise positioning that is shown in the recorded videos.Therefore, it can be of great help in traffic accidents and other incidents on the road.

Technical characteristics of the Aukey dashcam


Lens 140
Sensor GC2023A 2MP CMOS Sensor
Opening f / 2.4
objective 6 elements
screen 2.7 inch LCD / non-touch
Videos Full HD (30 fps), HD (60/30 fps)
Photos Yes, JPEG
Recording modes Loop, motion detection, time lapse and emergency recording
Sound On off
Sensitivity of the sensor Sensitivity low / medium / high / off
Modifiable values Exposition
Connections Mini USB and microSD slot up to 128 GB
WiFi connectivity Do not
Drums Do not
Dimensions 80 x 50 x 31 mm / 60 g
Accessories Power cable – lighter, suction cup anchor, adhesive anchor, spare parts of adhesives

Installation of the Aukey dashcam

Continuing with the review of the camera we look at the2.7″ LCD screen.In it we will see in real time the recording ofAukey’scamera, but also the recordings made previously.Of course, if we want it, it is possible to deactivate it so that it does not distract us while we drive.

Despite not having a touch screen,the interaction is made with the lower keypad.With the first button we activate the emergency recording mode, the next one accesses the playlist, we continue with the configuration menu and we finish with the button to change the display of the screen.

The camera receives the power supply with acigarette lighter adapterfor the car battery.As it happened in theYi Mini Dash Camera, it does not have its own battery.The wiring can be hidden by the roof of the vehicle through any gap.In addition, Aukey DRA1 includes small adhesive hooks for a more secure attachment.

Video recording

The AUKEY DRA1 camera captures everything that happens on the road with itsf / 2.4 aperturesensorand 140 lens.Its sensor provides recordings inFull HDresolutionat 30 fps, HD at 60 or 30 fps,WVGA and VGA.Here we leave you with some samples of the images we have obtained with the Aukey dash camera.As you can see, even in less favorable conditions such as rain or night, the camera responds very well.

Once the camera is placed, the recording starts automatically once the vehicle has been started.Therefore, we forget to tinker the device to focus only on the road.The video fragments are stored in a micro SD with amaximum capacity of 128 GB.Unfortunately, it does not include linking with a smartphone via app, all operations have to be done from the device.

Available modes

Recording in cycle.The recording starts when the vehicle is started.Each video file can have a maximum duration of ten minutes, with a replacement of the old fragments if the capacity of the card is reached.It is the mode for day to day and can be used for many purposes.

Recording by motion detection.This mode activates recording when the camera detects movement in front of the camera’s sensor.

Time-lapse recording.The preferred feature to immortalize a long trip in a single video.To do this, the camera takes one image per second and mounts a video that plays at a speed of 30 frames per second.

Using this camera for the car

The cameras for the car are still important tocapture any situation on the road.Today, in our country there is still no specific regulation for this type of devices, although its use is not illegal.The main problem lies in its use as evidence.Capturing images continuously from a public place is considered an act of surveillance, something that is only designated to security bodies.

This AUKEY DRA1 cameraincorporates a G-Sensorthat is activated by an impact, the device will protect the recording from being overwritten.From the settings menu we can configure the sensitivity so that it acts only in case of unforeseen impacts.In addition, the camera includes a microphone that captures the sound inside the vehicle, although it can be deactivated if desired.

Availability and price of the AUKEY DRA1

In conclusion, the dashcam AUKEY DRA1 is an accessory that should be in any vehicle with the pine air freshener.A compact device to record everything that happens on the asphalt,for recreational purposes or as testimony of an incident.Its placement is very simple and does not involve any additional configuration, start the car and you will be recording.


  • Compact design for placement behind the interior mirror
  • Construction resistant to extreme temperatures
  • 2.7″ screen and omnidirectional microphone
  • Maximum capacity of 128 GB
  • Accessories included for placement


  • No smartphone linking
  • The screen is not touch

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