DJI Osmo Pocket, the mini pocket camera that threatens the GoPro

DJI has presented the new DJI camera Osmo Pocket, one of the smaller cameras that inherits the technology of its drones. Osmo Pocket uses the three-axis stabilized system of its drones, but in a much smaller system that seems to want to attack GoPro.

A few days ago we saw it filtered and it is exactly what we expected. Maybe not in the price, but its characteristics and uses may interest many people who buy an action camera just too record family videos.

Osmo Pocket turns on quickly so you do not waste any time. It allows you to record videos in 4K resolution at 60 frames per second at 100 Mbps. To store the videos use a microSD card of up to 256GB, a capacity that you will need if you choose to record at this resolution. For you can also record in 1080p at 60fps, which will save you space while maintaining good quality.

The sensor with pixels of 1.55μm to capture more light in low light conditions, very similar to the cameras of the high range of current smartphones. In addition to videos, you can also take 12MP photos.

The grace of DJI Osmo Pocket is its stabilized image, inherited from their drones although similar products already existed, such as Osmo + or the cheap gimbal Osmo Mobile 2. Unlike these other two products, you do not need a connected mobile, although there is an accessory for it.

Its small touch screen allows you to see what you are recording, making it unnecessary for you to use your smartphone, although DJI sells an accessory to connect it and use it as a larger screen with more advanced controls.

To transfer the videos you can connect a smartphone via USB-C or use a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth module that is purchased separately.

It includes automatic intelligent functions, such as the FPV mode that follows the stabilizer orientation to record fluid scenes. ActiveTrack mode keeps an object or character in motion focused. The 3 3 panorama takes nine photos at different angles, combining it into one. It includes modes of Timelapse in movement and M otionlapse. But the one that more game can give is NightShot, to make nocturnal photos with a lot of exposure.

Price of DJI Osmo Pocket

DJI will start sending the new Osmo Pocket in mid-December, but you can already reserve it from its website. It costs 359 dollars what positions it above the cheapest models of GoPro.

To this camera we must add the various accessories that complete the experience. There is a charging case, a WiFi and Bluetooth module, an extendable arm, a waterproof case, filters for the camera, accessory holder, control wheel, headphone or 3.5mm microphone adapter, a cover and release base fast

If you are looking for something that you record directly on your mobile, you can still buy Osmo Mobile 2, cheaper and compatible with any Android or iPhone smartphone.

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