How a virtual assistant can help you be more productive?

We spend a lot of our time next to “machines”. The work PC, the mobile phone, the TV, without forgetting the public or private transport, the electrical appliances and the infinity of small technological tools that facilitate us day by day. Innovative tools like Google Wizard was initially met with bewilderment of the public, but today it is a simple reality: help us, make us some things a lot easier.

The day has 24 hours, we cannot do magic with our time, but thanks to digital assistants we can simplify common tasks such as organizing trips or updating our agenda. An assistant can help us be more productive, make better use of our time and even organize our breaks to enjoy those moments of leisure.

You have doubts? Here are a handful of examples of how the Google Assistant can, through loudspeakers such as Google Home and Google Home Mini, help us make the most of the central areas of our lives, not only in terms of labor productivity, but also in terms of spreading.

Plan your trips

Google already has a tool to plan trips, Google Trips, which even analyzes our online reservations and offers us information about the city to visit, in case we want to download a package of activities for when we are without data or WiFi. But that is not here. Whether we are on vacation or business trips, the Google Assistant can add an extra fluidity in our management.

First, looking for flights, rentals or cheap hotels. With the command “Ok Google, find a cheap hotel for next Thursday in Barcelona” will throw us information about this request. From here we can get directions and even add a reminder so we do not forget to make the reservation and stand with our bags without having the room. What’s more, we can even look for nearby points of interest to find out which is the best coffee shop in the vicinity.

Delegating these tasks does not mean that a robot has to do it for us, but it does affect our time management. With a simple “Ok Google, remember that tomorrow I have a meeting with a client” we can enter in our agenda the most important events of the trip. And, to edit them, asking “show me my reminders” will list what we have pending to choose what to modify.

If we are hesitating between several flights we can ask what flights are available on each day. And if when leaving the hotel room we need a car, with “Ok Google, I need a car rental service”, the assistant will give us the information of the nearest service cards, postal address and name.

Shortcuts to communicate

Sometimes we can also leave the mobile forgotten in some corner of the house (or office, which for many autonomous is the same) and lose it. Something as simple as saying “find my phone” will be enough to find him and to be able to contact that client or partner who has been trying to find us all day. Because it is not always possible to leave everything that we have in our hands to set out to rummage through drawers in search of the lost smartphone.

And those who watch over your privacy, should not worry. The Google Assistant has a history editing mode. We can check our activity, check the account and delete what we want.

Manage the calendar

Which brings us to the management of our Calendar, another app without which many of us no longer know how to live. In addition to the basic edition, with requests such as “appointment with the dentist for November 30”, we can ask questions that help us to plan our day. And since the whole process is done by voice commands, without pressing any key or button, it does not matter if we are stuck with daily paperwork or making dinner croquettes (by the way, if you are one of those who do not even remember what are some croquettes, you can also create a shopping list with the necessary ingredients).

Meanwhile we can go thinking about the weekend plans. To the question “what is there now in the cinema?” Will recite the billboard, helping us to choose the most appropriate film. Once we have made our choice we can ask for the schedules of passes. We only have to confirm the reservation.

And what happens if one day we wake up late? Yes, breakfast may be the most important meal of the day, but it is even more important to get to work on time. In that case we can go dressing while Google Home prepares it for us, and that is that we can turn on our electric coffee maker with only the voice, connecting it to a compatible socket with Google Assistant to get us out of trouble.

Investigate, learn and enjoy

We believe that an assistant comes in handy to answer some simple question. The classic “How do you say until then in German”. But if you’re a teenager, you’re in front of a bunch of manuscript pages and you do not remember a very specific piece of information, a name or date, the Google Assistant saves time and resources like nobody else.

Because it gives us so much to ask the result of a square root that the tributaries of a river, tell us when Elvis Presley died or how old he was, we can even ask about his height or how many discs he put on the market. The information available from this immense database becomes available at the interrogative level without having to touch a single key.

Online research is part of the routines of any university student, so the sum of each minute makes up a good number of hours after one year. Because the key of the Google Assistant and, therefore, any help tool, lies in its ability to make our day to day easier. It is a tool that includes the fact that technology must be at the service of society and not the other way around.

And also, help in your daily economy

While we ask for the classic “tell me the news of the day” or the typical “add tomatoes to the shopping list”, the Google Assistant can throw a cable with the management of profits and losses. Yes, we will need the mobile for this equation, but when do we not carry it? First we request to register a note with “Ok Google, take note: pay 50 dollars to the customer and write down 120 dollars of the purchase”. These notes will be saved and we can then pass them to a weekly / monthly / quarterly Sheet file to keep a more strict accounting. We will just have to review them.

It is a very useful little trick that, together with any app to scan documents with the camera, which also requires the phone and adds the files in the format that we choose directly to our Google Drive – allows us to compose a suite of useful tools in our work life All these functions are managed through the Google Assistant, which can also be accessed from your smartphone.

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