How to choose glass computer desk?

glass computer desk

A glass computer desk is a contemporary piece of furniture that we find in many offices and professional offices. If you are thinking of buying a new desk or table for PC in glass and steel for your room, this guide will be for you, we will indicate you some points in favor and disadvantage of the desks made of this material.


The most striking feature of a glass and steel PC desk is certainly the elegance and the glance that this contrast creates in any environment. Another positive aspect is the impression of lightness that gives the metal structure of this type of models. The legs of the glass desks, whether they are made of steel or aluminum, with a matte or chrome finish, make the furniture slender, making it stable and resistant at the same time.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a desk for a dim or dark room, you can also create a light point by choosing a piece of furniture in transparent or painted glass in a light shade. The glossy surface will reflect and multiply the light, making any space more cheerful and airy.

Tempered glass

One of the most widespread doubts when buying a glass desk is that it is too fragile, especially if it is used in a work environment. The current models, put on the market dispel any doubt. They are in fact made of tempered glass, manufactured using a process that makes them particularly resistant to impact and scratches, as well as being easy to keep clean. Therefore, you can rest assured, knowing that our furniture will last a long time, proving to be a valid ally in the performance of daily activities.

glass computer desk

The cure

A glass computer desk is less advisable if you want to furnish a space where small children live and play: even if it is a resistant product, it will be difficult to repair scratches or scratches. Furthermore, a daily used glass could be subject to damages that compromise the stability of the table, for example in the case of strong and repeated blows.

It is important to know that the worktop of the desk to be purchased must necessarily be safety glass as required by the standard.

Another point to consider is the care needed to keep a glass desk always at its maximum brightness and that is super bright. Fingerprints are immediately noticed on this type of material, and so is the dust, which usually accumulates behind the screen and the computer speakers or in other places that cannot be reached.

To prevent this from happening, just pass a soft cloth every so often or use a special spray for glass surfaces, and the desktop will shine again more than before.

Advantages and Disadvantages

How do we know we are making the right choice when we are going to buy a glass and steel desk? Glass desks are highly sought after and appreciated, but what are the advantages and disadvantages of this type of choice? Let’s analyze them in detail.

The advantages of glass computer desk

Let’s start with the reasons why buying a desk in glass and steel is worthwhile, analyzing its merits.

  • Excellence: Being a valuable material, the glass desk has a consistent value and the desk does not necessarily have a beautiful design just because it is made of crystal; it is clear that everything depends on the specific product and the lines that follow.
  • Duration in time: The second advantage is that the material, if well maintained, guarantees a long duration in time; unlike wood, a glass desk will never have problems with scratches or surface scratches.
  • Beauty: Finally, but not least, the elegance that makes you acquire the environment … The “class” is the image of a manager who works at an elegant desk and invites his customers to take a seat at a meeting table in crystal, they are not obtained with any other product.

The disadvantages of glass computer desk

We have so far examined the advantages, but we now come to illustrate the reasons why it may not be a right choice, to buy a glass and steel desk.

  • Cost: The first point against is occupied by the fact that, glass is a valuable material therefore, surely, it represents an apt choice for those who care about the image of their own company. However, it is also an expensive material that makes the purchase budget much higher than buying a cheaper wooden desk.
  • Cleaning: Another aspect to consider is that the glass gets dirty much more easily and this means having to clean often with the use of a cotton cloth and specific products, or with a mixture of water and alcohol, or water and a small part of ammonia. Precisely the aspect of cleanliness leads us to strongly advise against transparent glass, rather directing our customers towards full-coverage enameled glass, even colored.
  • Armocromia: Another important disadvantage of glass is that it is a cold material, so especially in winter, to the touch; it can give a feeling of slight discomfort compared to wood.

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