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universal laptop charger

The battery is an essential part of our laptops. Therefore, we need to always be in the best possible conditions. Since this way, it will last as long as possible and give a good performance. Also the charging cycles and the charger we use are important. It may happen that your original laptop charger is damaged. In that case, you must bet on a universal laptop charger.

Many users choose to use another charger they have from another laptop, which in many cases are compatible, but you have to be careful with this. Since it is important that both chargers have the same voltage. Therefore, betting on a universal laptop charger is usually a safer option. This is a model that you know has the right voltage and is not going to give you problems with the battery.

The selection of universal laptop chargers is increasingly wide. Therefore, we leave you with a comparison with several different models. Thus, you can see what is currently available in the market. Information that will help you when deciding which model of universal laptop charger to buy.

Top rated universal laptop chargers

We now turn to an in-depth analysis of each model of universal laptop charger. We will tell you more about its operation and the main aspects that you have to take into account. Information that will help you to determine which model is best suited to what you are looking for.

Sunydeal WP220-f10 Universal Laptop Charger

universal laptop charger

We start with this model, which is one of the best options that we can find in this list of universal laptop chargers. One of its great advantages is that it is compatible with many brands. In fact, the vast majority of brands are compatible with this charger. Think of firms like Toshiba, ASUS, HP, Acer, Samsung or Sony, among many others. Therefore, no matter what type of laptop you have, this charger will work with your computer without any problem.

This universal laptop charger has a voltage of between 15 and 24 V. The best thing is that it can be changed. So depending on the voltage your laptop has, it will adapt to that situation. So, you will not generate damage to your computer’s battery at any time. So its life is not affected at all. In addition, it has interchangeable connectors. Since the charger, connector is different on each laptop. With this model, you have a series of connectors so you can use it regardless of the model you have. A good option if you have two laptops or when you go on a trip, you carry two laptops.

It is an option of the most complete, since it adapts to a huge variety of laptops. In addition, it is very comfortable when taking it with you. Therefore, it is one of the best options we have available among universal laptop chargers. Adaptable, efficient, versatile and quality. Since we are facing a charger that will last a long time. So it is a purchase that gives a good performance.

TooQ TQLC-100BS01M

universal laptop charger

Secondly, we find this universal laptop charger model that we can also use in the majority of laptops in the market today. So it doesn’t matter what brand the computer you have is, that it will work well at all times. In addition, we can also use it with other devices that need a charger and have the proper voltage. Therefore, it is an option that stands out for its versatility. Phones, tablets or cameras are some of the devices with which we can use it.

This charger has a power of 100 W. In addition, as for the voltage, it is variable from 12 to 24 V. So it will adapt at all times to the voltage of the device or laptop with which you use it. This is something that guarantees us that no damage to the battery will occur. In addition, it is a charger that comes with various built-in plugs. So it can be used with any laptop, since the connectors are different between brands. But this universal laptop charger also solves this annoying situation for users.

In addition, it also gives us the possibility to charge devices via USB. So we can use it with devices other than laptops only. So it is a good option if we go on a trip. Since we can use it for everything practically. We save space by carrying a single charger but we know that we have the possibility to charge the battery at all times. It is a bit heavier than the previous model, but it is not something of importance. A good universal charger, which stands out especially for its versatility.

QUMOX Universal Laptop Charger

universal laptop charger

We found this charger in third place. Another good option to keep in mind that also stands out for the presence of these connectors that help us to use it with all types of laptops, regardless of the brand or model. Since thanks to them it will be compatible and so we can charge the battery in a simple way. It will help us to regulate the current in a simple way. So it will not generate problems of operation in the battery of the laptop.

It is a simple charger, with a voltage between 15 and 20 V in this case. So it limits a little more and cannot be used with all laptops on the market. In principle, it can be used, although prolonged use with a charger that does not offer the voltage that your battery requires is not recommended. It is a charger that does not overheat, so it will not generate security problems in this regard.

As we have said, it has a series of adapters that allow us to use them with various models and brands. So in this sense we will not have any problem. What must be said is that these connectors are somewhat hard at times, so it may be difficult to connect the charger. Something that can be a bit annoying at the beginning. But after a couple of uses the problem usually disappears. Therefore, it is not something to worry about, but it is good to know what can happen. A good charger, versatile and very reliable.

Trust Primo – Universal Laptop Charger

universal laptop charger

We finish this comparison with this other model of universal laptop charger. Like the three previous models on the list, this charger has a series of connectors that help us to use it with all types of laptops. So no matter what model you have, you will be able to use it without any problem. Although it is important to consider the voltage, to see if it suits your computer well.

Since you don’t want this charger to end up causing damage to your battery. That is why, before buying it, it is important that you look if the voltage and power is compatible with your computer. Otherwise, it is a charger that adapts to a wide variety of brands and models. It regulates the current very well and does not heat up hardly. So there will be no security problem with this charger. It is also an ideal option to take on a trip. Since it weighs little.

As for design, it must be said that the firm has done a good job in this regard. Since it has a good design, resistant and that is also discreet but very current at the same time. We can store it easily. As for the connectors, it may happen that the first time it seems that they have trouble connecting to the laptop. It doesn’t usually happen too much, but some users experience this. It is not a real problem, since then they connect well and without problem. But it is good to be careful and be aware of what can happen.

How to choose a universal laptop charger

If your original charger has been broken and you need a replacement, buying the official will cost you much more than if you use a universal laptop charger and it works exactly the same.

You just have to make sure that the universal laptop charger you buy is able to provide the same voltage as your original charger. This is the most important thing to keep in mind since if we buy one with a higher voltage, we run the risk of damaging our computer.

As for the power, there is more flexibility. If you buy it less powerful than what you had, the laptop will take longer to fully charge while if you buy it more powerful, the laptop will take the maximum amount of power it can to recharge safely.

At the connector level, the universal laptop chargers come with the main connections so you can use it on almost every notebook brand in the market. Except for Apple that has the MagSafe on most of its computers, in the rest of brands you can buy a universal laptop charger with total guarantee that it will work for you. However, in the data sheet of each one they usually specify the brands that are compatible, so check it out as well.

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