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Always smaller in size, but increasingly important in our lives. What are we talking about? Of the microSD cards, an accessory that has become fundamental in every technological device, starting from the smartphones up to the photographic machines and the action cams. Most of the cell phones on the market now have a slot dedicated to microSD : they allow to increase the memory of the smartphone(now occupied by applications and images) spending a paltry amount. In fact, one of the reasons for the success of microSD is their price: if you don’t need a super-fast model, you spend just under 10 dollars to buy a 32GB memory card.

If you do not know which microSD to buy, just read our guide to understand which model is best suited to your needs. There are so many microSDs available on e-commerce sites and without a purchase guide, it is very easy to make a mistake as a model. Before proceeding with the order or purchase, it is necessary to have in mind the differences between the various types of microSD: depending on the model, the data transfer speed is different. Here are the best microSDs divided by price range.

Which microSD to buy?

Choosing the microSD to buy is not easy. There are a couple of things to know that are fundamental to the final choice. First of all, the device on which the microSD is to be inserted must be clear. You cannot buy the same memory card for the smartphone and for the camera. And the same applies to the use we must make of it. If you need it only for backup, we can also settle for a slow microSD, while if we have to record videos in 4K with the camera we need a memory card, which besides being capacious, is also fast.

To understand which microSD is for you, you need to check the code that identifies it. Each memory card belongs to a family: there are the Class 2 microSDcards that are among the slowest in circulation, while the UHS Speed Class-I U3 microSD cards are among the most expensive, but also among the fastest in data transfer. Instead, the microSD for the Android smartphone can be recognized by the presence of the A1 or A2 logo on the memory card. They are certified for the use of adaptive storage, ie they become one with the memory of the smartphone.

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Samsung Evo Plus 32/64 / 128GB

If you are looking for a microSD with an excellent quality-price ratio, you will hardly find better models than the Samsung Evo Plus. The South Korean company’s memory card is among the most purchased by users, thanks to its good transfer speed. Several models are available that differ in the storage available. It starts from a minimum of eight dollars for the 32GB version up to twenty – five dollars for the 128GB model. They are perfect for use on your smartphone, but they can be adapted without too many problems to cameras. They can be used to record videos in 4K and to save thousands of photos.

SanDisk Ultra 64GB MicroSDC Memory Card A1

Another very reliable memory card is the SanDisk Ultra MicroSDXC with transfer rates up to 100MB per second. This is an A1 microSD card, designed specifically for Android smartphones. It allows you to save images, install very heavy applications and record videos with maximum definition. The SanDisk Ultra 64GB MicroSDXC Memory Card can be purchased on e-commerce sites for just under $20.

SanDisk Extreme 128GB MicroSDXC Memory Card A2

If the transfer speed of the SanDisk Ultra doesn’t satisfy you, you can buy the SanDisk Extreme microSD, designed for all the latest generation devices and certified with the A2 logo for Android smartphones. The price is slightly higher(35 dollars for the 128GB version), but if you are looking for a memory card to save your videos in 4K, the SanDisk Extreme is among the best on the market.

Kingston SDCS / 64GB Canvas Select 64 GB MicroSD Card

If the budget at your disposal is not very high, the Kingston SDCS / 64GB Memory Card 64GB MicroSD Card is a good choice. It is a Class 10 microSD with a read speed up to 80MB per second. An SD adapter is also included in the package. It can be used together with any type of device, from smartphones to cameras. It is available on e-commerce sites for just over 10 dollars.

DJHSJDH High Speed SDXC Card Class 10 256 GB

It is not among the most famous brands on the market, but the DJHSJDH SDXC High Speed Class 10 256 GB memory card is a great solution for those looking for a memory card with plenty of space. The data reading speed is very high and can be used to record movies with FullHD resolution. The price on e-commerce sites is just under 20 dollars.

ADATA Premier ONE V90 256 GB flash memory MicroSDXC Class 10 UHS-II

The memory cards presented so far are perfect for an average user who does not need too advanced models. If, on the other hand, you are a professional and the microSD is a fundamental accessory for the job, you need to buy a super-fast version. We recommend the ADATA microSD Premier ONE V90 256 GB flash memory MicroSDXC Class 10 UHS-II that guarantees data read speeds up to 275MB per second. The price, of course, is much higher: the 256GB version is available at 180 dollars.

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