SJCAM SJ9 Strike, action camera compatible with 4K at 60 fps

SJCAM SJ9 Strike

In recent years, action cameras have appeared on the market at a cheap price and with the ability to record videos in a native 4K or UHD resolution; although in the vast majority, the image rate is limited per second, and therefore, the inability to obtain great results when capturing action-ridden scenes. However, there is no lack of alternatives that meet the highest demands and SJCAM SJ9 Strike is one of them.

SJCAM Strike SJ9 is a medium-high range action camera that stands out for a good variety of new generation specifications, from a resistance to contact with water without the need for external housings, availability of multiple accessories, 4K recording at 60fps, retransmission live and a large 2.33 inch touch screen so that no detail is lost.

SJCAM SJ9 Strike

Features of SJCAM SJ9 Strike

Official site SJCAM /
Colors Black
Chipset Ambarella H22
Sensor SONY IMX377
Lens 170º wide angle
Screen 2.33-inch IPS LCD (rear), 0.96 inches (front)
Video Up to 4K at 60 fps without GYRO / Up to 4K at 30 fps with GYRO Supersmooth stabilization
Video format MP4
Recording Modes / td> Video, Video Lapse, Slow Rec, Still, Photo Lapse, Burst Mode, Video + Photo Mode, Car Mode, FPV Mode
Photography 12MP (4000 x 3000 4:3) 10MP (3648 x 2736 4:3) 8MP (3840 x 2160 16:9) 8MP (3264 x 2448 4:3) 5MP (2595 x 1944 4:3) 3MP (2048 x 1536 4:3) 2MHDP (1920 x 1080 16:9)
Battery 1300 mAh
Autonomy 140 minutes at 1080P / 95 minutes at 4K at 60fps (front display and Wifi off)
Remote control Do not
Microphone Yes, dual stereo microphones
Connectivity Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n
Video streaming Yes, Facebook, YouTube, Sina, Custom
Ports USB-C, microSD
Storage Up to 128 GB Class 10
Box contents 1 X SJCAM SJ9 Strike, 1 x USB-C Cable, 1 x Mounting Base, 2 x Curved Mount, 2 x Flat Mount, 2 x Adhesive Sticker (3 meters)
Language English | German | French | Spanish | Portuguese | Traditional Chinese | Simplified Chinese | Japanese | Russian | Italian | Korean

SJCAM SJ9 Strike

Small and water compatible design

As expected in this type of equipment, the size is small enough to fit in the palm of your hands and its weight is so light as to carry it in your pocket without it being a nuisance. Its commercialization is only in black color and the format maintains a classic essence for the genre.

One of the main benefits of this review of the SJ9 model is the inclusion of a waterproof body, that is to say that it no longer needs an outer case to be able to come into contact with water. S us official figures indicate support 10 meters deep, although its use may be to the bottom of the sea with 30 meters from the use of a housing including their sale.

If your lens is visible in the front, occupying the entire central area and a small 0.96-inch LED viewfinder with basic video recording information, a 2.33-inch IPS-type panel that occupies the entire available surface should be highlighted behind. And helps to easily preview videos and images, in addition to setting its parameters through the presence of touch controls.

Optimized video recording

If with the SJCAM SJ9 Max version we already appreciate the inclusion of a sensor by Sony that offered 4K recording quality, here the results are taken to an even higher level from the use of a SONY IMX377 sensor that is combined with a chip Ambarella H22 to achieve optimum fluidity in scenes at high speed with a rate of 60 images per second.

The SJCAM SJ9 Strike has different compatible recording modes for all types of scenarios (Video, Video Lapse, Slow Rec, Still, Photo Lapse, Burst Mode, Video + Photo Mode, Car Mode and FPV), while its technology called “GYRO Supersmooth” adds a six-axis gyro stabilization that keeps the images stable even when scenes are recorded in constant motion.

Finally, the technical benefits of the action camera include 7 layers of glass lens (including 2 layers of Asperic lens) that allow a resolution of 170º distortion in the field of vision, perfect for capturing everything in front of the camera without that nothing is left out of the shot and with absolutely sharp details.

Battery, connectivity and storage

To conclude with SJCAM Strike SJ9, a 1300 mAh lithium-ion battery has been added, which in practical terms gives a fairly acceptable range of 90 minutes of video recording in 4K at 60 fps before requiring a recharge. Thus, the most interesting of all this is the inclusion of a reversible USB-C connector and compatibility with wireless charging technology.

In connectivity, the inclusion of support for Wi-Fi networks 802.11 a / b / g / n (2.4 GHz) not only facilitates synchronization with external devices for the transmission of files without the need for cables, but also the possibility of Live stream what is being captured through classic platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Sina, and so on.

Finally, a pair of integrated stereo microphones are not missing for proper audio capture without the need for external accessories during recording, while its storage card slot supports microSD up to 128 GB of class 10 and above.

Pros and Cons of SJCAM Strike SJ9


  • Water immersion resistant design without external housing
  • 4K video recording at 60 images per second
  • Wi-Fi connectivity with streaming support
  • Rechargeable battery via wireless technology


  • No integrated Bluetooth connectivity
  • No HDMI output available

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